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Scientific research and development

Scientific research and development

Branch 72.1 – Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

Research and experimental development on biotechnology

Activity code 72.11
Includes research and experimental development in the field of biotechnology: - DNA / RNA: microbiological research (genomics, pharmacogenomics), genetic testing, genetic engineering, DNA / RNA sequencing / synthesis / amplification, analysis of the conversion of DNA sequences into functional proteins, and the use of antisense technologies - construction of proteins and other molecules: sequencing / synthesis / engineering of proteins and peptides (including large hormone molecules); proteomics, isolation and protein purification, signaling, recognition of cellular receptors - cell and tissue culture and engineering: cell / tissue culture culture, tissue engineering (including tissue elements and biomedical engineering), cell fusion, serum immunological vaccines, embryo manipulation - processes of biotechnological techniques: fermentation based on the use of bioreactors (bioprocess engineering, biological extraction, biological pulp production, biological bleaching, biological desulphurization, biomedical preparations, biofiltration and phytopreparations) - isolation of genes and RNA vectors: gene therapy, viral vectors - bioinformatics: construction of databases on (genomes), protein sequences; modeling of complex biological processes, including biological systems - nanobiotechnology: application of tools and processes in nano / micro production for the production of means used in biosystem research and applied in drug production, diagnostics, etc.

Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

Activity code 72.19
Includes: - research and development in natural and technical-technological sciences, except in biotechnological research and development: * in the natural sciences * in the field of technical and technological sciences * in medical sciences * in agricultural sciences * interdisciplinary research and development, mainly in natural and technical technological sciences

Branch 72.2 – Research and development in social sciences and humanities

Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

Activity code 72.20
Includes: - research and development in the social sciences - research and development in the humanities - interdisciplinary research and development, mainly in social sciences and humanities sciences. Does not include: market research, part. 73.20
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