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Print and duplicate audio and video

Print and duplicate audio and video

Branch 18.1 – Printing and printing services

Printing of newspapers

Activity code 18.11
Includes: - printing of newspapers and other periodicals that are published at least four times weekly. Does not include: - publishing of printed matter, del. 58.1 - photocopying of documents, part. 82.19

Other printing

Activity code 18.12
Includes: - printing magazines and other periodicals less than four times weekly - printing of books and brochures, music books, maps, atlases, posters, playing cards, advertising catalogs, brochures and other printed advertisements, postage and tax stamps, ownership documents, checks and other securities, registers, albums, diaries, calendars , business forms and other commercial materials, personal durable paper documents and other printed matter printed on printing machines by means of prints, offset machines, photogravure machines, flexographic machines and other printing machines, duplicating machines, computer printers and photocopiers and photocopiers; - printing labels, smart cards and stickers - direct printing on textiles, wood, ceramics, metal, glass and plastics (eg on bags). Does not include: - printing of silk on textiles and clothing, part. 13.30 - production of office and school supplies such as notebooks, notebooks, schedules and forms, del. 17.23 - publishing activity, part. 58.1 - photocopying, part. 82.19

Prepress services

Activity code 18.13
Includes: - data entry activity: preparing printing forms, adjusting the appearance of text and images, inputs, including scanning and optical recognition features, electronic layout, stacking of text and images on film, photographic and plain paper, input of printing data, including scanning and scanning - document design and other preparatory operations for printing - preparation of digital data, magnification, selection, linking of data on magnetic to the media - preparation and processing of data for multimedia use - computer design of printing products - preparation of printed compositions for all types of printing (flexographic, plastic, photopolymer, polymer and lithographic plates, screens and templates) - preparation for embossing - engraving and engraving of cylinders and engraving plates - preparation of lithographic plates - graphic works such as Braille or embossing, drilling, perforation, lamination, insertion, indentation, etc. - production of reprographic products - design of printed products, corrections, etc. Does not include: - specialized design activities, del. 74.10

Bookbinding and related services

Activity code 18.14
Includes: - final procedures after printing, linking books, brochures, magazines and catalogs various technological processes, cutting, folding, cropping, final bonding (and plastic) - preparation and production of the main design, sketches, samples, models and other reprographic materials product - final works on stacking printed sheets in books, brochures, magazines, catalogs and etc., which are performed by bending, assembling, quilting, tapping, gluing, suturing, etc .; gold-print - finishing works on printed paper or cardboard such as business forms, labels, calendars, advertising materials, prospectuses, etc., which are performed by bending, gluing, drilling, perforating, embossing, plastic coating, etc. - finishing works on CDs and DVDs - other finishing works (painting, embossing, marking) - final postal services (standardization and preparation of envelopes)

Branch 18.2 – Duplication of recorded records

Reproduction of recorded media

Activity code 18.20
Includes: - sound duplication - duplication of film and other videos from the master - duplication of software and data from the master to CDs and tapes. Does not include: - Reproduction of printed matter, del. 18.11 and 18.12 - Software publishing (computer software packages), del. 58.2 - production and distribution of films, videos and transfer to DVD and others media, part. 59.11-59.13 - reproduction of films for public distribution, part. 59.12 - production of masters for gramophone records or audio material, part. 59.20
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