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Other manufacturing

Other manufacturing

Branch 32.1 – Manufacture of jewelery, bijouterie and related articles


Activity code 32.11
Includes: - production of coins, including money (paper) which is a legal means payments, regardless of whether it is made of precious metals or not

Manufacture of jewelery and related articles

Activity code 32.12
Includes: - production of processed pearls - production of precious and semi-precious stones, including industrial production quality stone and synthetic and reconstituted precious and semi-precious stones - grinding diamonds - making jewelery from precious metals or base metals coated with precious metals metals, jewelery of precious or semi-precious stones, jewelery of precious metal combined with precious or semi-precious stones or other materials - manufacture of jewelery from precious metals or other coated metals precious metals: * dishes (shallow and deep), cutlery, toiletries, office items, items for religious use, etc. - manufacture of technical or laboratory equipment of precious metal (excluding instruments and parts thereof): * melting vessels, spatula, anode, etc. - production of bracelets and cases for watches, cigarette boxes, etc. of the noble metal - engraving on personal items made of precious and non-precious metals. Does not include: - production of non-metallic bracelets for watches (made of fabric, leather, plastic, etc.), del. 15.12 - manufacture of articles of base metal coated with precious metals (except imitation jewelery), part. 25 - manufacture of watch cases, part. 26.52 - manufacture of bracelets for watches of common metal, part. 32.13 - production of imitation jewelery (jewelry), part. 32.13 - jewelery repair, part. 95.25

Manufacture of imitation jewelery and related articles

Activity code 32.13
Includes production: - artificial pearls and jewelry made of non-precious materials - rings, bracelets, necklaces and similar articles made of base metals coated with precious metals - jewelry containing imitation precious stones, imitation diamonds, as well as the like manufacture of metal watch bracelets (other than of precious stone). Does not include production: - jewelery of precious metals and precious stones, del. 32.12 - jewelery containing real precious stones, part. 32.1 - bracelet for watches of precious metal, part. 32.12

Branch 32.2 – Manufacture of musical instruments

Manufacture of musical instruments

Activity code 32.20
Includes production: - stringed musical instruments - keyboard instruments with strings, including automatic piano - organ, including harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments with free metal beeps - accordions and similar instruments, including harmonicas - wind instruments - percussion - electronic musical instruments - music boxes, fair organs, steam-powered organs, etc. - parts and accessories for musical instruments: metronomes, sound forks, strings, discs and rollers for automatic mechanical instruments, etc. - whistles, trumpets and other oral wind instruments for sounding signal. Does not include: - duplication of recorded media (videotapes and discs), part. 18.2 - manufacture of microphones, amplifiers, speakers, headphones and similar parts, part. 26.40 - production of gramophones, tape recorders, etc., part. 26.40 - production of musical instruments-toys, part. 32.40 - restoration of organs and other historical musical instruments, part. 33.19 - publishing of audio and video tapes and discs, part. 59.20

Branch 32.3 – Manufacture of sports goods

Manufacture of sports goods

Activity code 32.30
It includes the production of sports and athletic equipment (except clothing and footwear). Includes: - production of sports items and devices and games on open or closed fields (excluding clothing and footwear), of any material: * hard and soft balls and inflatable balls * rackets, clubs and golf clubs * skis, bindings and ski poles * ski boots * windsurfing boards * props for sport fishing, including nets * props for hunting, mountaineering, etc. * leather sports gloves and sports headgear * swimming and rowing pools * skates, rollerblades, etc. * bows and crossbows * equipment for gymnastics, fitness, athletics, etc. Does not include: - production of sails, part. 13.92 - production of sportswear, part. 14.13 - production of saddles and horse equipment, part. 15.12 - production of whips and whips, part. 15.12 - production of sports footwear, part. 15.20 - production of sports weapons and ammunition, part. 25.40 - production of metal weights (for sports), part. 25.99 - production of sports vehicles, except slides, etc., part. 29 and 30 - production of boats, part. 30.12 manufacture of earplugs (for swimming and against noise), part. 32.99 repair of sports equipment, part. 95.29

Branch 32.4 – Manufacture of games and toys

Manufacture of games and toys

Activity code 32.40
Includes production: - dolls and clothes and accessories for dolls - figurines, models of characters from feature films, comics, etc. - musical instruments-toys - toys in the shape of animals - playing cards - electronic games: video games, chess games, etc. - scale models, mock - ups and similar entertainment models, electric trains, sets for assembly, etc. - games on slot machines that are put into operation by inserting coins, billiards, special tables for casino games, etc. - items for entertainment at fairs, table and board games - wheeled toys which may be intended for riding, including plastic bicycles and tricycles - Jigsaw puzzles and similar entertainment items. Does not include: - production of electronic video game consoles, part. 26.40 - production of bicycles and means of transport for the disabled, part. 30.92 - manufacture of articles and toys for entertainment and novelty, part. 32.99 - development and publishing of software for video games, part. 58.21 and 62.01 - production of items for the celebration of various holidays, props for magicians, for entertainment, etc., part. 32.99 publishing of computer games, part. 58.21 computer game programming, part. 62.01

Branch 32.5 – Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies

Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies

Activity code 32.50
It includes laboratory apparatus, surgical and medical instruments, surgical accessories, dental apparatus, devices for treating dental irregularities and prosthetic material. Here is also a type of furniture for medicine, surgery, etc., where additional specific functions determine the purpose of the product (eg a dental chair with built-in hydraulic functions). Includes production: - surgical covers, sterile sutures and cotton wool - materials for fillings and cement (except dental adhesives), dental wax and dental preparations of gypsum - cement for bone reconstruction - furnaces for dental laboratories - ultrasonic cleaning devices - laboratory sterilization apparatus - laboratory distillation apparatus and laboratory centrifuges - instruments and aids for the needs of medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine - dentures, cement, etc. for use in dentistry - medical, dental and veterinary furniture: operating tables, dental chairs and hospital beds with mechanical equipment - plate and screw for bones, syringes, needles, catheters, tubes, etc. - dental instruments (including dental chairs with equipment) - artificial teeth, bridges, etc. in dental laboratories - orthopedic and prosthetic equipment - glass eyes - medical thermometers - ophthalmic items (eyeglasses, sunglasses and lenses). Does not include: - production of surgical sutures, medical gauze, etc., part. 21.20 - production of electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment, part. 26.60 - production of wheelchairs, part. 30.92 - activities of opticians, part. 47.78

Branch 32.9– Other manufacturing

Manufacture of brooms and brushes

Activity code 32.91
Includes production: - brooms and brushes, including those which are integral parts of machines, manual mechanical floor cleaners, fringed and wig brushes, paintbrushes, rollers and paint cartridges and other brushes and brooms. - brushes for clothes, shoes, teeth and personal hygiene

Manufacture of other articles

Activity code 32.99
Includes production: - protective equipment: * firefighting clothing * protective work belts and other belts for various professions * life jackets made of cork for water * protective helmets made of plastic or metal * protective metal helmets and other metal items for personal protection * ear and nose plugs (for swimming and nose protection) * gas masks - pens and pencils of all kinds, mechanical or non-mechanical - pen cartridges - stamps for printing or numbering, hand-held printing or labeling machines ca, typewriter ribbon and stamp pads - umbrellas and umbrellas, walking sticks and safety sticks - globe - buttons, drinkers, zippers, rivets (large buttons), etc. - lighters - items for personal use: smoking pipe, combs, hairpins, deodorant, vacuum bottle and other vacuum vessels for personal or household use, wigs, artificial beards, artificial eyebrows, objects and toys for fun, etc. - candles, candlesticks, candles, artificial flowers, fruits, wreaths, etc. - tailor's dolls, hand sieves and sieves, coffins, etc. - baskets for flowers, bouquets, wreaths and similar items. Does not include production: - wick for lanterns, part. 13.99 - work clothes (eg laboratory suits, uniforms, etc.), part. 14.12 - paper ornaments, part. 17.29
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