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Manufacture of products of other non-metallic minerals

Manufacture of products of other non-metallic minerals

Branch 23.1 – Manufacture of glass and glass products

Manufacture of flat glass

Activity code 23.11
Includes: - production of flat glass, including reinforced, stained or frosted glass

Shaping and processing of flat glass

Activity code 23.12
Includes: - production of tempered or laminated safety glass - production of glass mirrors - production of multilayer wall elements for insulation grinding, engraving and polishing flat glass

Manufacture of hollow glass

Activity code 23.13
Includes production: bottles and other packaging of glass and crystal - manufacture of drinking glasses and other glass or crystal products for use in household. Does not include: - manufacture of glass toys, del. 32.40

Manufacture of glass fibers

Activity code 23.14
Includes: - the manufacture of glass fibers, including glass wool and nonwovens. Does not include: - manufacture of glass fiber fabrics, part. 13.10 - manufacture of optical fiber cables for data or image transmission, part. 27.31

Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware

Activity code 23.19
Includes: - manufacture of glass products for laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical purposes - manufacture of glass for watches and clocks, optical glass and optical elements not optically processed - production of glassware used in jewelry making - production of glass insulators and insulating accessories - production of glass lampshades for lamps - production of glass figurines - production of glass blocks for paving - production of glass bars, tubes, etc. Does not include: - manufacture of processed glass optical elements, del. 26.70 - production of syringes and other medical and laboratory equipment, del. 32.50

Branch 23.2 – Manufacture of refractory products

Manufacture of refractory products

Activity code 23.20
It covers the production of intermediate products from excavated or extracted non-metallic minerals such as sand, gravel, stone or clay. Includes: - production of refractory mortar and concrete - production of refractory ceramic products: * thermal insulation ceramic products made of silicate fossil flour * Refractory bricks, blocks and tiles * refractory ceramic retorts, pots, muffs, spouts, pipes, pipes and more. -production of refractory items containing magnesite, dolomite and chromite

Branch 23.3 – Manufacture of builders’ ware of clay

Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags

Activity code 23.31
Includes: - production of non-refractory ceramic floor and wall tiles, mosaic cubes, etc. - production of non-refractory ceramic plates and sidewalks. Does not include: - Manufacture of artificial stone from plastics (eg marble imitation), del. 22.23 - manufacture of refractory ceramic products, part. 23.20 - Manufacture of clay flooring, del. 23.32 Ceramic Bricks and Roof Tiles, del. 23.32

Manufacture of bricks, tiles and construction products in baked clay

Activity code 23.32
It includes the production of non-refractory construction material from baked clay: bricks, tiles, chimney pipes and other pipes, drains, etc. - production of baked clay floor blocks. Does not include: - manufacture of refractory ceramic products, part. 23.2 - manufacture of non-refractory ceramic products for other purposes (except for construction), part. 23.4

Branch 23.4 – Manufacture of other ceramic and porcelain products

Manufacture of ceramic household and decorative articles

Activity code 23.41
Includes production: - tableware and other household ceramic products - figures and other decorative ceramic objects. Does not include: - production of imitation ceramic jewelery, part. 32.13 - manufacture of ceramic toys, del. 32.40

Manufacture of sanitary ceramic products

Activity code 23.42
Includes: - production of sanitary ceramic products (bathtubs, sinks, large cups, etc.) does not include: - Manufacture of refractory ceramic products, del. 23.20 - production of ceramic building materials, part. 23.3

Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings

Activity code 23.43
Includes: - production of ceramic electrical insulators and insulation accessories. Does not include: - Manufacture of refractory ceramic products, del. 23.20

Manufacture of other technical ceramic products

Activity code 23.44
Includes: - production of ceramic objects for laboratory, chemical and technical purposes - production of ceramic parts for magnets Does not include: - production of artificial stone (eg imitation marble), part. 22.23 - Manufacture of refractory ceramic products, del. 23.20 - production of ceramic building materials, part. 23.3 - production of ceramic insulation materials, del. 23.43

Manufacture of other ceramic products

Activity code 23.49
Includes: - manufacture of ceramic pots, vessels and similar products used for the transport or packaging of products non-ceramic products Does not include: - production of ceramic sanitary products, part. 23.42 - production of artificial teeth, part. 32.50

Branch 23.5 – Manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum

Manufacture of cement

Activity code 23.51
Includes: - production of clinker and hydraulic cement, including portland cement, aluminum cement, slag cement and superphosphate cement. Does not include: - manufacture of refractory mortar and concrete, del. 23.20 - manufacture of ready-mixed and dry-mixed concrete mixtures and mortars, del. 23.63 and 23.64 - production of mortar, part. 23.64 - manufacture of cement products, part. 23.69 - production of cement for dentistry, del. 32.50

Manufacture of lime and plaster

Activity code 23.52
Includes: - production of quicklime, slaked and hydrated lime - production of gypsum and baked sulfates - production of calcined dolomite. Does not include: - manufacture of articles of plaster, part. 23.62 and 23.69

Branch 23.6 – Manufacture of concrete, cement and plaster products

Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes

Activity code 23.61
Includes: - production of concrete, cement or artificial stone products for use in construction: * bricks, paving slabs, blocks, panels, fillings, pipes, columns, etc. * prefabricated building elements for building and civil engineering, made of concrete, cement or artificial stone. Does not include: - production of refractory mortar, part. 23.20 - production of ready-mixed concrete and mortar, part. 23.63 and 23.64

Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes

Activity code 23.62
Includes: - production of gypsum products for use in construction: * boards, panels, panels, etc.

Manufacture of fresh concrete

Activity code 23.63
Includes: - production of fresh and dry mixed concrete and mortar. Does not include: - production of refractory cement, part. 23.20

Manufacture of mortars

Activity code 23.64
Includes: - mortar powder. Does not include: - production of refractory mortar, part. 23.20 - production of fresh, dry mixed mortar and concrete, part. 23.63

Manufacture of cement products with fibers

Activity code 23.65
Includes: - production of construction materials from plant substances (wood wool, straw, reed) which are agglomerated with cement, gypsum or other mineral binders - production of asbestos-cement products and products with cellulose and similar fibers: * corrugated and other plates, panels, tiles, pipes, tanks, gutters, troughs, cups, dishes, furniture, window frames, etc.

Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement

Activity code 23.69
Includes: - manufacture of other products of concrete, cement, plaster and artificial stone: * statues, objects with concave and convex relief, decorative vessels, planters, benches, etc.

Branch 23.7 – Cutting, shaping and dressing of stone

Cutting, shaping and dressing of stone

Activity code 23.70
Includes: - cutting, shaping and processing of stone for use in construction, cemeteries, road construction, roofing, etc. - production of stone tables and benches. Does not include: - activities performed in quarries, such as rough stone processing, del. 08.11 - manufacture of millstones, grindstones and similar products, del. 23.9

Branch 23.9 – Manufacture of abrasive and other non-metallic mineral products

Manufacture of abrasive products

Activity code 23.91
Includes: - manufacture of millstones, sharpening and polishing stones and natural or artificial abrasive materials, including soft-ground materials (eg sandpaper)

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Activity code 23.99
It covers the production of: - friction materials and non-assembled objects made of them, based on mineral substances or cellulose - mineral insulating materials such as slag wool, rock wool and similar mineral wool, expanded or leaf vermiculite, expanded clays and similar thermal and acoustic insulation materials - products from various mineral materials: processed mica and products from mica, peat, graphite (except electrical materials), etc. - Asphalt products and similar materials (eg adhesive tapes, coal tar black resin) - artificial corundum. Does not include production of: - glass wool and glass wool products, del. 23.14 - graphite electrodes, part. 27.90 - Carbon or graphite seals, del. 28.29
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