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Manufacture of other machinery and equipment

Manufacture of other machinery and equipment

Branch 28.1 – Manufacture of general purpose machinery

Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines

Activity code 28.11
Includes production: - reciprocating internal combustion engines and parts thereof, other than aircraft engines, vehicles and motorcycles: * marine engines * railway engines (locomotives) - pistons and piston rings, carburetors and all parts for internal combustion engines combustion, diesel engines, etc. - Turbines and parts thereof: * steam turbines and other steam engines * hydraulic turbines, water circuits and their regulators * wind turbine * gas turbines, except turbojet and turboprop for aircraft - all turbine units with generator - engines for industrial use. Does not include production: - electric generators, part. 27.11 - generators (excluding turbine generators), part. 27.11 - electrical equipment and parts of internal combustion engines, part. 29.31 - engines for vehicles, airplanes and motorcycles, part. 29.10, 30.30 and 30.91 - turbojet and turboprop engines, part. 30.30

Manufacture of hydraulic power transmission equipment

Activity code 28.12
Includes production: - hydraulic and pneumatic parts (pumps, motors, compressors, valves, pipes and tubes) fitting) - air preparation devices for use in the pneumatic system - fluid energy systems - hydraulic transmission devices - hydrostatic transmissions. Does not include production: - compressor, part. 28.13 - pumps for non-hydraulic use, part. 28.13 - valves for non-fluid energy application, part. 28.14 - mechanical transmission equipment, part. 28.15

Manufacture of other pumps and compressors

Activity code 28.13
Includes production: - air and vacuum pumps, air and other gas compressors - liquid pumps, equipped or not equipped with measuring devices - pumps for fuel, water, oil, for automobile engines, etc. - hand pumps. Does not include: - production of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, part. 28.12

Manufacture of other taps and valves

Activity code 28.14
Includes production: - industrial taps and valves, including control valves and supply taps - sanitary taps and valves - faucet and heating valve. Does not include production: - valves made of soft rubber, glass or ceramic materials, del. 22.19, 23.19 and 23.44 - intake and exhaust valves for internal combustion engines, part. 28.11 - hydraulic and pneumatic valves for use in pneumatic systems, part. 28.12

Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements

Activity code 28.15
Includes production: - Ball and roller bearings and parts thereof - Mechanical transmission devices: * transmission axles and elbows, camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts handle, etc. * plain bearings and their housings - gears, gearboxes and gears and other gearboxes - clutches and shaft couplings - flywheels and belts - articulated chains - drive transmission chains. Does not include production: - other chains, part. 25.93 - hydraulic transmission equipment, part. 28.12 - hydrostatic transmission devices, part. 28.12 - electrical equipment for starting and starting internal combustion engines, del. 29.31 - mechanical portable devices, for vehicles, airplanes and motorcycles, part. 29 and 30

Branch 28.2 – Manufacture of other general purpose machinery

Manufacture of industrial furnaces and burners

Activity code 28.21
Includes production: - electric and other industrial and laboratory furnaces and furnaces, including incinerators - burner - electric fixed devices for space heating and electric water heaters in swimming pools - non-electric fixed heating devices, e.g. solar collectors, steam, oil and similar burners and household appliances electric domestic heating appliances (electrically operated air heaters, heat pumps, etc.) and non-electrically operated air heaters - mechanical heating equipment, grills, ash discharge devices, etc. Does not include production: - water heaters, domestic, part. 25.21 - agricultural dryer, part. 28.93 - bakery ovens, part. 28.93 - dryer for wood, pulp, paper and cardboard, part. 28.99 - medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers, part. 32.50 - laboratory (dental) furnaces, part. 32.50

Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment

Activity code 28.22
Includes production: manual or mechanical equipment, lifting, carrying, loading and unloading: * pulleys and pulleys * cranes, cranes, mobile lifting platforms, bypass conveyors, etc. * work vehicles with or without equipment, for lifting and carrying, with own drive or without it (type used in factories) * mechanical manipulators and industrial robots specially designed for lifting, carrying, loading and unloading - conveyors, wire cranes, liquid elevators, etc. - elevators, escalators and paths, etc. - parts of lifting and carrying devices. Does not include: - production of industrial robots, part. 28.29 - production of cranes and conveyor belts for underground work, part. 28.92 - manufacture of excavators, excavators and loaders, part. 28.92 - manufacture of floating, railway and truck cranes, part. 30.11 and 30.20 - installation of lifts and escalators, part. 43.29

Manufacture of office machinery and equipment, except computers and computer equipment

Activity code 28.23
Includes production: - calculating machines - cash register - calculators, electronic or non-electronic - consignment processing machine (enveloping, printing and addressing; opening, sorting, scanning) and shipment sorting machines - typewriters - shorthand machines - office bookbinding equipment - check typewriter - machine for counting and twisting metal coins - pencil cutter - stapler and staple remover - counting machine - tape holder - hole punch - photocopier - toner cartridge - school boards; whiteboards and marker boards - dictation machine (dictaphone). Does not include: - manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment, part. 26.20

Production of hand-held propulsion apparatus with mechanisms

Activity code 28.24
Includes: - production of hand tools with built - in motor (electric or other) or on pneumatic drive: * circular or reciprocating saws * chain saws * drill and milling machine * manual sandblasting devices * pneumatic coupling guns * pneumatic riveting guns * grinder * clippers and snacks * wrench pliers * a machine for driving in nails that run on gunpowder. Does not include production: - replaceable parts for hand tools, part. 25.73 - hand-held electric welding and soldering appliances, part. 27.90

Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment

Activity code 28.25
Includes production: - industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment - air conditioners, including accessories for main parts - heat exchangers and apparatus for liquefaction of air and other gases - attic fans (gable fans, roof fans, etc.), except for households. Does not include production: - refrigeration and freezing equipment, domestic, part. 27.51 - household fans, part. 27.51

Manufacture of other general purpose machinery

Activity code 28.29
Includes production: - weight measuring devices (excluding precision laboratory balances): * household scales and scales for trade, scales for continuous measurement, wagon scales, weights, etc. - Machines and apparatus for filtering and purifying liquids - Devices for expelling, dispersing and spraying liquids and powders: * spray guns, fire extinguishers, sand cleaning machines jet, steam cleaning machine, etc. - packaging and wrapping machines such as filling, sealing, sealing machines, encapsulation, labeling, etc. - machine for washing or drying bottles and for aerating drinks - distillation and refining machines in oil refineries, chemical industry, beverage industry etc. - gas generators - calenders and other rolling machines and corresponding cylinders (except for metal and glass) - Centrifuge (except separators in dairies and clothes dryers) - seals and similar seals made of combined materials or layers of the same material - vending machines for goods, etc. - spirit levels, measuring tapes and similar devices, precision machine tools (except optical) - cooling columns and similar cooling devices using recycled water - non-electric welding machines. Does not include production: - precision scales (for laboratories, etc.), part. 26.51 - refrigerating and freezing equipment, for household use, part. 27.51 - household fans, part. 27.51 electric welding apparatus, part. 27.90 - agricultural apparatus for spraying and dusting, part. 28.30 devices for rolling metals and glass and their rollers, part. 28.91 and 28.99 - agricultural dryers, part. 28.93 - food filtration and cleaning machine, part. 28.93 - sour cream separator, part. 28.93 textile printing machine, part. 28.94

Branch 28.3 – Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

Activity code 28.30
Includes: - production of tractors for agriculture and forestry - production of single-axle tractors and motor cultivators - production of lawn mowers, including lawn mowers - production of agricultural self-loading and self-unloading trailers and semi-trailers faces - manufacture of agricultural machinery for soil preparation, sowing or fertilizing: plows, manure spreaders, seeders, harrows, etc. - production of machines for harvesting and threshing: reapers, threshers, sorters, etc. - production of machines for the husband - production of agricultural machines for spraying and dusting - production of various agricultural equipment for poultry and beekeeping, preparation fodder, etc. - production of machines for cleaning, sorting and grading eggs, fruits, seeds, grains, etc. Does not include production: - hand agricultural tools, part. 25.73 - working vehicles for transmission, part. 28.22 - propulsion hand machines and apparatus, part. 28.24 - sour cream separator, part. 28.93 - machine for cooling, sorting and drying of pods, part. 28.93 - road tractors for semi-trailers, part. 29.10 - road trailers or semi-trailers, part. 29.20

Branch 28.4 – Manufacture of metalworking machinery and machine tools

Manufacture of metalworking machinery

Activity code 28.41
Includes production: - machine tools for metal processing (and those that use laser, ultrasound, electroerosion, plasma, magnetic pulse) - machine tools for twisting, drilling, milling, shaping, scraping and grinding - metal cutting and cutting machine - machine tools for calibration and pressing - metal drawing machine and wire processing machine - punching press, hydraulic presses, hydraulic brakes, hammers, forging, etc. Does not include production: - replaceable parts for hand or machine tools, part. 25.73 electric welding machines, part. 27.90

Manufacture of other machine tools

Activity code 28.49
Includes production: - machine tools for processing all types of materials such as wood, bone, stone, hard rubber, hard plastic, cold glass; including laser, ultrasound, electroerosion, plasma, magnetic pulse, etc. processing. - machine tool holder - other special fasteners for machine tools - fixed machines for joining, riveting, gluing or other joining of wood products, cork, bone, hard rubber or plastic - fixed rotary or rotary impact drills, saws, riveters, cutters iron metal, etc. - chipboard press, etc. - power plant - parts and equipment for all listed machine tools. Does not include production: - interchangeable attachments for machine tools (drill, punch, mold, milling cutter, turning tools, saw blades and cutting blades), part. 25.73 - electrical welding and soldering apparatus such as fittings and guns, part. 27.90 - propulsion machines and apparatus, part. 28.24 - machines used in foundries, part. 28.91 - mining machines and apparatus, part. 28.92

Branch 28.9 – Manufacture of other special purpose machinery

Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy

Activity code 28.91
Includes production: - machinery and equipment for working with hot metals: converters, ingot molds, pots for casting, casting machine (except for ingots), etc. - metal and roller rolling machines for these machines. Does not include production: - die-casting molds (except for ingots), as well as foundry molding machines mold, part. 25.73 - extractor for processing hot metals, part. 28.41 mold forming machinery for hot metals (except ingots), part. 28.99

Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction

Activity code 28.92
Includes production: - elevators, endless belts and conveyors for underground work - machine for drilling, cutting, digging and digging tunnels (for underground use or not) - machine for processing minerals by sieving, sorting, separation, etc. - concrete and mortar mixer - earthmoving machinery: bulldozers, anglers, graders, scrapers (rakes), levellers, mechanical spoons, loaders, etc. - bucket for bulldozers and loaders - machine for beating and removing piles, machine for applying surface layers mortar, bitumen and concrete - tracks and tractors for use in mining - large conveyors for ore transport. Does not include production: lifting and handling equipment, part. 28.22 - other tractors, part. 28.30 and 29.10 - machine tools for stone processing, including machines for splitting and rough stone processing, del. 28.49 - concrete mixer vehicles, part. 29.10

Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing

Activity code 28.93
Includes production: - dryer for agriculture - Machine for the dairy industry: sour cream separator * milk processing machine * machine for making cheese (homogenizers, molds, presses, etc.) - machine for the mill industry: * machine for cleaning, sorting or sorting seeds, cereals or dried legumes vegetables (sieves, sieves, separators, seed washers) * flour production machine (mills, sieves, bran cleaners, mixers, rice husk removal machine and grain separation machine) - press and kneading machine in the production of wine, cider, fruit juices, etc. - Machines for the bakery industry and the manufacture of macaroni, spaghetti and similar products: * bakery ovens, devices for mixing, chopping, dividing and shaping the dough, machines for stacking biscuits, etc. - machines and equipment for processing various foods: for making sweets, cocoa or chocolate; for the production of sugar and beer; processing of meat or poultry, preparation of fruit, nuts or vegetables, fish, shellfish or seafood - filtering and cleaning machine - machine for extraction and processing of animal and vegetable fats and oils - machine for processing tobacco and making cigarettes or cigars, pipe tobacco, tobacco for chewing gum, snuff, etc. - food preparation machine in hotels and restaurants. Does not include production: - equipment for sterilization of food and milk by radiation, part. 26.60 - packaging, wrapping and measuring machine, part. 28.29 - machinery for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other fruit (excluding seeds, cereals and dried leguminous vegetables), part. 28.30

Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production

Activity code 28.94
Includes production: - Machinery for the textile industry: * machine for preparation, production, extrusion, extraction, texturing and cutting man-made fibers, materials or yarns * machine for preparation of textile fibers: for cleaning cotton, breaking bales, collecting and loosening of cotton, washing and carbonization of wool, etc. * machine for combing, combing and winding wool on frames, etc. * spinning machine * machine for preparation of textile yarn: for winding, warping, etc. * loom weaving machine, including hand looms * knitting machine * machine for making knotted nets, tulle, lace, braid, etc. - auxiliary devices and equipment for textile machines: * age-machine, jacquard-machine, automatic stoppers, mechanisms replacement of weaving cones, spindles and butterflies for spindles, etc. - fabric printing machine - fabric processing machine: * machine for washing, bleaching, dyeing, decorating, finishing, coating or fabric impregnation * machine for winding, unwinding, wrapping, cutting or chopping fabrics - washing machine and ironing machine: * washing machine and ironing machine, including hot presses * periodic washing and drying machine * centrifugal clothes dryers * dry cleaning machine - sewing machines, as well as heads and needles for them (for household or not) - Machine for making or finishing felt or nonwovens - Machine for the leather industry: * machine for preparing, tanning or processing rawhide, fur or tanned leather * machine for making or repairing footwear and other articles of leather or fur. Does not include production: - paper and cards with built-in programs for the operation of jacquard machines, part. 17.29 - household washing and drying machines, part. 27.51 - ironing machine, part. 28.29 bookbinding machine, part. 28.99

Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard production

Activity code 28.95
Includes production: - pulp (cellulose fiber) making machine - machine for making paper and cardboard - machine for making paper and cardboard objects

Manufacture of plastics and rubber machines

Activity code 28.96
Includes: - production of machines for making soft rubber and plastic and for making products from them materials: * extruders, presses, machines for making or retreading tires for vehicles and other machines for production of rubber and plastic products

Manufacture of other special purpose machinery

Activity code 28.99
Includes production: - dryer for wood, pulp, paper, cardboard and other materials (except for agricultural products and textiles) - printing and bookbinding machines, as well as machines for supporting activities printing on a large number of materials - machine for making tiles and bricks, for shaping ceramic products, pipes, graphite electrodes, writing chalk, foundry molds, etc. - semiconductor production machines - industrial multipurpose robots - various special machines and equipment: * machine for assembling electric and electronic lamps, tubes and light bulbs * machine for making or heat treatment of glass or glass goods, glass fibers or yarn * isotope separation machines and apparatus; rope making machine, etc. - tire centering and balancing equipment; balancing equipment (excluding balancing points) - central lubrication system - equipment for launching aircraft, catapults and similar equipment - automatic bowling devices (ball setting equipment) - device for amusement parks: carousel, slide, shooting range, swings, etc. Does not include production: - household appliances, part. 27.5 photocopier, part. 28.23 - machine for processing hard rubber and plastic or cold glass, part. 28.49 ingot modules, part. 28.91
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