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Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

Branch 25.1 – Manufacture of metal structures

Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures

Activity code 25.11
Includes production: - metal structures for construction (pillars, beams, structures for bridges, etc.) - industrial metal frames (skeletons for blast furnaces, lifting and handling equipment, etc.) - prefabricated metal buildings: barracks, halls and other modular elements for exhibitions, etc. Does not include production: - parts for ship and steam boilers, part. 25.30 - Railway rail parts, del. 25.99 - parts for ships, part. 30.11

Manufacture of metal doors and windows

Activity code 25.12
Includes production: - metal doors and windows, door and window frames, shutters, gates, etc. - metal parts for furnishing floors

Branch 25.2 – Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal

Manufacture of boilers and radiators for central heating

Activity code 25.21
Includes: - production of boilers and radiators for central heating and their parts Does not include: - manufacture of electric radiators and electric water heaters, part. 27.51

Manufacture of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal

Activity code 25.29
Includes production: - tanks, cisterns and similar metal containers, fixedly installed, intended for use storage or in production - metal containers for compression or liquefied gases. Does not include production: - metal containers, bathtubs, etc. for packing or carrying goods, with a capacity> 300 del, del. 25.91 and 25.92 - transport containers, part. 29.20

Branch 25.3 – Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers

Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating boilers

Activity code 25.30
Includes: - production of steam boilers and other steam generators - production of auxiliary devices for steam boilers: steam condensers, economizers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators, etc. - production of nuclear reactors, except isotope separation devices - production of parts for steam boilers - the construction of a pipe system that is involved in the process of operation of the generator is generally in operation providing pressure in the pipes or pipe system, together with accessories and construction work. Does not include production: - central heating boilers and radiators, del. 25.21 - steam turbines, part. 28.11 - isotope separator, del. 28.99

Branch 25.4 – Manufacture of weapons and ammunition

Manufacture of weapons and ammunition

Activity code 25.40
Includes production: - heavy weapons (artillery, rocket launchers, torpedo tubes, heavy machine guns, cannons, rifles, etc.) - light weapons (revolvers, shotguns and light machine guns) - air or gas weapons and pistols - ammunition - firearms, sporting and protective weapons and appropriate ammunition - explosive devices such as mines, bombs and torpedoes. Does not include production: - Initial capsules, detonators and light signal rockets, del. 20.51 - gunpowder and ammunition, part. 20.51 - knives, bayonets, sabers, etc., part. 25.71 - armored vehicles for the transport of money and valuables, del. 29.10 - spacecraft, part. 30.30 - tanks and other combat vehicles, part. 30.40

Branch 25.5 – Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy

Mixed agricultural production

Activity code 25.50
Includes: - Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal - powder metallurgy: production of metallic objects directly from metallic powder, by heating (sintering) or under pressure. Does not include: - production of metal powder, part. 24.1 and 24.2

Branch 25.6 – Treatment and coating of metals; metal machining

Treatment and coating of metals

Activity code 25.61
Includes: - metal coating - heat treatment of metals - chip removal, sandblasting, tumbling and metal cleaning - painting, engraving and printing of metals coating of metals with non - metallic materials (plastification, lacquering, enamelling and dr.) - steel and ironing of metals. Does not include: - activities of a blacksmith, part. 01.62 - printing on metal, del. 18.12 coating of plastics with metal, part. 22.29 - stamping of precious metals on other metal substrates, del. 24.41-24.44

Metal machining

Activity code 25.62
Includes: - drilling, scraping, milling, eroding, planing, summering, reaming, straightening, sawing, sharpening, grinding, welding, joining and other work on metal parts - laser metal cutting and stamping. Does not include: - activities of a blacksmith, part. 01.62. - engraving on the spot, part. 95.25

Branch 25.7 – Manufacture of general-purpose blades, tools and metal goods

Manufacture of blades

Activity code 25.71
Includes: - production of cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, etc.) - production of various cutting items: * razors and razor blades * scissors and hair clippers * scissors for pruning and trimming branches, etc. - production of sabers, swords, bayonets, etc. Does not include: - manufacture of tableware, tableware or metalware, part. 25.99 - Manufacture of precious metal blades, del. 32.12

Manufacture of locks and hinges

Activity code 25.72
Includes: - production of padlocks, locks, keys, fittings and other metal objects for buildings, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Manufacture of tools

Activity code 25.73
Includes production: - knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances - agricultural hand tools such as pick, fork, ax, shovel, hair, sickle, etc. - Hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, etc. - saws and saw blades, including circular and chain saw blades - replaceable parts of hand tools, whether or not electric (drill bits) etc.) - blacksmith tools (macola, anvil, pliers, etc.) - bangles and fixing tools - molds and models (except ingot molds). Does not include: - manufacture of hand-held machinery and appliances with integrated motor, del. 28.24 - production of molds for ingots, del. 28.91

Branch 25.9 – Manufacture of other fabricated metal products

Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers

Activity code 25.91
Includes: - production of buckets, barrels, boxes and cans. Does not include: - production of tanks and reservoirs, del. 25.2

Manufacture of light metal packaging

Activity code 25.92
Includes production: - buckets and cans for packing groceries, tubes and boxes - metal lids and fasteners

Manufacture of wire products, chains and springs

Activity code 25.93
Includes production: - metal ropes, knitted bands, etc. product - uninsulated and insulated metal cables that are not intended for electrical transmission Energy - coated wires - wire products (barbed wire, wire fences, gratings, nets, etc.) - nails, staples, needles, etc. - Mesh and gratings of stretched iron, steel or copper plates - springs (except for clocks): * leaf springs, helical springs and torsion bars * sheets for springs - chains other than chains for energy transfer and cutting. Does not include production: - spring for watches and clocks, part. 26.52 - insulated wires and cables for power transmission, part. 27.32 - drive-transmission chains, part. 28.15

Manufacture of fasteners and screw machine products

Activity code 25.94
Includes production: - pins, rivets, washers, etc. without thread - screw machine products (screws, screws, nuts, etc.)

Manufacture of other fabricated metal products

Activity code 25.99
It covers the production of: - metal household products: * tableware (plates and plates) * kitchen utensils (pots and boilers) * tableware (bowl and saucer) * frying pan, frying pan and other non-electric table and kitchen utensils * small kitchen non-electrical appliances and supplies * sponge (pads) for cleaning (scrubbing) etc. - elements of zinc (gutters, bathtubs, sinks, sinks, etc. products) - small metal products for office use, except furniture - safes, cabinets and coffers, armored doors, etc. - various metal objects: * propellers and oars for boats * cider * bells * fasteners for railway tracks * buckles, clamp and hook * metal ladders * metal signs, including traffic signs - production of foil bags - production of permanent metal magnets - production of vacuum metal bottles and bottles - the production of metal badges and metal soldier marks for ranks - production of metal curling irons, metal holders for umbrellas, combs, etc. Does not include production: - sabers and bayonets, del. 25.71 - self-service trolley, del. 30.99 - metal furniture, part. 31.01, 31.02 and 31.09 - sports equipment, part. 32.30 - toys, part. 32.40
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