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Manufacture of electrical equipment

Manufacture of electrical equipment

Branch 27.1 – Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution equipment

Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers

Activity code 27.11
Includes: - production of all electric motors and transformers: AC, DC and AC / DC - manufacture of electric motors (except starter motors for motor vehicles with internal combustion) - production of transformers (voltage regulators) for electricity distribution - production of ARC transformers for welding - production of auxiliary transformers for electricity distribution - generation of generators (excluding alternators with rechargeable batteries, for engines with internal combustion) - production of sets for motor generators (except turbines) - production of ballast for fluorescent lamps (for transformers) - factory thread rewinding for electrical appliances. Does not include production: - electronic elements for transformers and switches, part. 26.11 - electrical equipment for welding and soldering, part. 27.90 - gearbox, converter and rectifier, part. 27.90 - generator in conjunction with turbine, part. 28.11 - starting engines and generators for internal combustion engines, part. 29.31

Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus

Activity code 27.12
Includes production: - electrical devices for interrupting, protecting or connecting electrical circuits - electrical devices for management and control of electricity distribution - electrical conductors - electrical control and distribution boards - fuse - switches (except at wiring locations, eg sockets, plugs, pushbutton switches or handle) - starters (primary starters). Does not include production: devices for industrial process control, part. 26.51 - socket, plug and other switches at wiring points, part. 27.33

Branch 27.2 – Manufacture of batteries and accumulators

Manufacture of batteries and accumulators

Activity code 27.20
Includes production: - non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries - primary cells and primary batteries - cells containing manganese dioxide, silver oxide, mercury dioxide, lithium and others cells - batteries and parts for them - separators, housings and linings - lead acid batteries - nickel batteries - lithium batteries - dry cell battery - battery with wet cells

Branch 27.3 – Manufacture of wire and cable equipment

Manufacture of optical fiber cables

Activity code 27.31
Includes: - production of optical fiber cables for data and image transmission. Does not include production: - glass fibers or threads, part. 23.14 - optical cables equipped with connectors and devices for independent use, in dependencies of application, part. 26.12

Manufacture of other electronic and electrical conductors and cables

Activity code 27.32
Includes: - production of insulated wire and cables made of steel, copper and aluminum. Does not include production: uninsulated wires, part. 24.34 and 24.41-24.45 - cables for computer devices, cables for printers, USB cables and similar cable cables sets or assemblies, part. 26.11 - cable sets, wires and similar cable sets for motor vehicles, part. 29.31 - electrical sets connected to the installed wire and connectors, part. 27.90 - ignition cables and other cables for automobiles, part. 29.31

Manufacture of wire and cable connection equipment

Activity code 27.33
Includes the production of wire equipment for electric circuits that contain electricity or not, without regardless of the material. Includes production: - busbars, electric conductors (except switches) - GFCI (grounded circuit breakers) - lamp holder - fuses and coils - switches for electrical installations (eg pressure switches, automatic switches, terminals, switches) - electrical outlets and plug contacts - electrical wire box (eg folding boxes) - electrical lines and connections electrical equipment for switching on or protecting electrical circuits or for connection to electrical circuits: * switches, fuses, surge arresters, voltage limiters, switches and switchboards box, relay, socket, etc. - non-conductive plastic wire equipment, including plastic junction boxes, plastic connectors and switch covers. Does not include production: - ceramic insulators, part. 23.43 - electronic components for connectors, sockets and switches, part. 26.11

Branch 27.4 – Manufacture of lighting equipment

Manufacture of lighting equipment

Activity code 27.40
It includes the production of light bulbs, tubes and elements for them (except glass for light bulbs), devices for electric lighting and elements for electric lighting devices. Includes production: - discharge lamps, electric carbon lamps, fluorescent, ultraviolet, infrared lamps and light bulbs - devices for ceiling lighting - chandelier - table lamps - decorative light bulbs for the Christmas tree - log for electric fireplace - electric lamps against insects - lanterns (carbide, electric, gas, petrol, kerosene) - reflectors - street lamps (except traffic signs) - lighting for transport equipment (eg for motor vehicles, aircraft and boats) - non-electric lighting equipment. Does not include production: - glass parts for lighting, part. 23.19 - current wire devices for lighting installations - ceiling fans or fans in bathrooms with built-in devices for lighting - plugs, switches and other equipment for connecting wires in lighting, part. 27.33 - electric fans with built-in light, part. 27.51 - production of electrical signs and electrical signaling devices in traffic (traffic lights, etc.), part. 27.90

Branch 27.5 – Manufacture of household appliances

Manufacture of electric domestic appliances

Activity code 27.51
Includes production: - electrical household appliances: * refrigerator and freezer * dishwasher, washing machine and dryer * vacuum cleaners and waste collectors * floor irons * chopper, mixer, juicer and can opener * electric razors and electric toothbrushes * knife sharpeners, aspirators, etc. - electrothermal household appliances: * electric heaters * electric water heaters * electric blankets * electric hair dryers, combs, brushes and curlers * electric ironing machines * electric appliances for space heating (oil radiators, convection heaters, heaters, heaters) and home storage fans, * electric ovens, microwave ovens, stoves, hobs, toasters, tea and coffee making facilities * fryers, skewers, grills, electric heaters, etc. Does not include: - production of industrial refrigerators and freezers, room air conditioners, attic fans, built-in room heaters, central air conditioners, exhaust fans and professional cooking equipment; professional laundries, chemical cleaning, ironing equipment; professional and industrial vacuum cleaning machines, part. 28 - manufacture of household sewing machines, part. 28.94 - installation of space ventilation devices, part. 43.29

Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances

Activity code 27.52
Includes: - production of non-electric space heaters, stoves, grills, stoves, equipment for cooking and heating plate

Branch 27.9 – Manufacture of other electrical equipment

Manufacture of other electrical equipment

Activity code 27.90
It includes the production of various electrical equipment, except motors, generators and transformers, batteries and accumulators, wire products, lighting equipment and household appliances apparatus. Includes production: - fixed battery chargers - electrical devices for opening and closing doors - electric bells - extension cables made of purchased insulation wire - Ultrasonic (ultrasonic) cleaning machines (excluding laboratory and dental ških) - solid state inverter, current rectifier, heating cells, regulated and unregulated power supplies - uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) - wave attenuators (except for voltage at distribution level) - cables, extension cords and other sets of insulated wires and cables connectors - carbon and graphite electrodes, contacts and other electrical products from carbon and graphite - accelerator parts - electrical capacitors, resistors and similar elements - electromagnet - Mermaid - electronic traffic lights - electrical signs - electrical equipment for signaling or traffic regulation - electrical insulators (excluding of glass and porcelain) and equipment of base metal - electrical welding and soldering equipment, including hand soldering fittings. Does not include production: - insulators and insulating elements of ceramics, part. 23.43 - carbon and graphite fibers and products (except electrodes and electrical equipment), part. 23.99 - rectifiers containing electronic components, integrated circuits regulated voltage, integrated circuits, current converters, electronic resistors and the like devices, part. 26.11 - transformers, motors, generators, switches, relays and industrial controllers, del. 27.1 - battery, part. 27.20 - communication wires, wire equipment that transmits and does not transmit electricity, part. 27.3 lighting equipment, part. 27.40 - household appliances, part. 27.5 - non-electric welding and soldering equipment, part. 28.29 - electrical equipment for motor vehicles (generators, alternators, spark plugs, systems for power windows and doors and voltage regulators), part. 29.31 - laboratory ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, part. 26.51 electric motors, generators and transformers and distribution and control equipment, del. 27.1 - accumulators, primary cells and batteries, part. 27.20 - insulated wires and cables, part. 27.3 - lighting devices, part. 27.40 - electrical household appliances, part. 27.5 - gas welding apparatus, part. 28.29 - non-electric welding and soldering equipment, part. 28.29 - electrical parts and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and their engines, part. 29.31
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