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Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

Branch 20.1 – Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic materials

Manufacture of industrial gases

Activity code 20.11
Includes: - production of liquid or compressed industrial or medical gases: * individual gases * liquid or compressed air * refrigerant gases * mixed industrial gases * inert gases such as carbon dioxide * insulation gases, etc. Does not include: - extraction of methane, ethane, propane or butane, part. 06.20 - production of combustible gases such as ethane, propane and butane in petroleum refineries, del. 19.20 - production of gases from coal, waste, etc., part. 35.21

Manufacture of paints and pigments

Activity code 20.12
Includes: - production of means for handling paints and pigments of any origin, basically form or as a concentrate - the production of products used as fluorescent agents or luminescents. Does not include: - production of prepared paints and pigments, part. 20.30

Manufacture of other basic inorganic chemicals

Activity code 20.13
Includes: - production of chemical elements (except industrial gases and base metals) - production of inorganic acids, except nitric acid - the production of alkalis, alkalis and other inorganic bases, except ammonia - production of other inorganic compounds - frying iron pyrites - production of distilled water - production of enriched uranium and thorium. Does not include: - production of industrial gases, part. 20.11 - production of nitrogen fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, part. 20.15 - production of ammonia, part. 20.15 - production of nitrite and potassium nitrate, part. 20.15 - production of ammonium carbonate, part. 20.15 - production of flavored distilled water, part. 20.53 - production of base metals (see section 24)

Manufacture of other basic organic chemicals

Activity code 20.14
Includes: - production of other basic organic chemicals: * saturated and unsaturated acyclic hydrocarbons * saturated and unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbons * acyclic and cyclic alcohols, including synthetic ethyl alcohols * monocarboxylic and polycarboxylic acids, including acetic acid * other oxygenated group compounds, including aldehydes, ketones, quinones and organic compounds with double or poly-oxygen groups * organic compounds with a nitrogen group, including amines * other organic compounds, including products of dry distillation of wood (eg wood coal), etc. - production of synthetic aromatic products - production of coal tar - rennet production - production of synthetic glycerin. Does not include: - manufacture of plastics in primary forms, part. 20.16 - manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms, part. 20.17 - production of crude glycerin, part. 20.41 - production of natural essential oils, del. 20.53 - production of salicylic and acetylsalicylic acid, part. 21.10

Production of artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds

Activity code 20.15
Includes: - production of artificial fertilizers: * simple or complex nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium fertilizers * Ureas, crude natural phosphates and crude natural potassium salts - production of nitrogen compounds: * nitric acids and sulphonic acids, ammonia, ammonium chloride, nitrite and potassium nitrate, triammonium phosphate and ammonium carbonate - production of land for growing flowers, with peat as the main ingredient - the production of mixtures of soil for the cultivation of flowers made of natural soil, sand, clay and minerals. Does not include: - extraction of guano, part. 08.91 - production of agrochemical products such as pesticides, part. 20.20

Manufacture of plastics in primary forms

Activity code 20.16
It includes the production of resin, plastics and unvulcanized thermoplastics elastomers and resin mixtures to customer order, as well as the production of synthetic resins in a non-standard way: - production of plastics in primary forms: * polymers, including polymers of ethylene, propylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, vinyl alcohol and acrylate * polyamide * phenolic and epoxy resins and polyurethanes * alkyd and polyester resins and polyether * silicone * polymer-based ion exchangers, etc. - production of cellulose and chemical cellulose derivatives. Does not include: - Manufacture of man-made fibers, filaments and yarns, del. 20.60 - crushing of plastic waste, part. 38.32

Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms

Activity code 20.17
It covers the production of: - synthetic rubber in primary forms, or in the form of plates, sheets and strip - a mixture of synthetic rubber and natural rubber or rubber-like rubber (e.g. balata)

Branch 20.2 – Manufacture of pesticides and chemicals for agriculture

Manufacture of pesticides and chemicals for agriculture

Activity code 20.20
It covers the production of: - insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides and acaricides - anti-germination and plant growth regulators - chemicals for agriculture - biocidal products - disinfectants for use in agriculture and other uses. Does not include: - rennet production, del. 20.14 - production of artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, part. 20.15 - manufacture of cleaning agents that do not have a biocidal effect, part. 20.41

Branch 20.3 – Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics

Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics

Activity code 20.30
It covers the production of: - paints, varnishes, enamels and varnish - prepared pigments, opaque colors and colors - prepared opacifiers and stains, glass enamel, glazes, coatings and similar preparations - whales - sealants and similar non-refractory sealants coating (whales, etc.) - complex organic solvents and thinners - prepared means for removing paints, varnishes, etc. - graphic colors. Does not include production of: - colors and pigments, del. 20.12 - Inks and showers for writing and drawing, del. 20.59

Branch 20.4 – Manufacture of detergents, soaps, other cleaning agents, polishes, perfumes and toilet preparations

Manufacture of detergents, soaps, cleaning and polishing preparations

Activity code 20.41
Includes production: - solid and liquid detergents - surfactant - Soap (except cosmetic) - crude glycerin - washing aids (pre-washing, rinsing and bleaching) - other cleaning agents - means for perfuming and deodorizing the premises - polishing agents: * artificial waxes and wax-based products * polishes and skin cream * wood polishes and creams * polish and cream for bodywork, glass and metal * other polishing agents. Does not include production: - pure chemical compounds, part. 20.13 and 20.14 - Synthetic glycerin from petroleum products, del. 20.14 - cosmetic soaps, del. 20.42

Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations

Activity code 20.42
Includes production: - perfumes and toilet preparations: * perfumes and toilet waters * preparations for beautification and make-up * sun protection and tanning pigmentation preparations * manicure and pedicure preparations * shampoos and hair sprays, curling and straightening products * toothpastes and oral hygiene preparations, including fixatives dentures * shaving preparations, including preparations for use before and after shaving * deodorant and bath salts - cosmetic soaps. Does not include: - Extraction and purification of natural essential oils, del. 20.53 - production of agents that have a biocidal effect, part. 20.20

Branch 20.5 – Manufacture of other chemical products

Manufacture of explosives

Activity code 20.51
Includes production: - gunpowder - explosives and pyrotechnic articles, including initial caps, detonators, signal rockets and the like. - match

Manufacture of adhesives

Activity code 20.52
Includes: - production of glue and its derivatives, adhesives and prepared adhesives, including rubber based adhesive. Does not include: - manufacture of gelatine and its derivatives, part. 20.59

Manufacture of essential oils

Activity code 20.53
It covers the production of: - extracts from natural aromatic products - resinoids from plant and animal extracts, balms, etc. - a mixture of essential oils and natural or other aromatic products for use in the manufacture of perfumes or foodstuffs. Does not include production of: - synthetic aromatic products, del. 20.14 - perfumes and toilet preparations, del. 20.42

Manufacture of other chemical products

Activity code 20.59
It covers the production of: - photographic plates, films, papers and others in light sensitive but unlit material - chemical preparations for photographic purposes - gelatin and its derivatives - various chemical products: * peptones and their derivatives and other protein substances and their derivatives * chemically modified oils and fats * textiles and leather finishing products, dressing, etc. * powder and paste for welding, brazing or soldering * metal degreasing agents * prepared cement additives * activated carbon, lubricating oil additives, rubber accelerators, catalysts and others chemical products for use in industry * antidetonators and antifreeze preparations * hydraulic transmission fluids * complex laboratory and diagnostic preparations, etc. - inks and ink. Does not include production: - wholesale chemically pure compounds, part. 20.13 and 20.14 distilled water, part. 20.13 - other organic basic chemicals, part. 20.14 - graphic colors, part. 20.30 - bituminous masses for road paving, part. 23.99

Branch 20.6 – Manufacture of man-made fibers

Manufacture of man-made fibers

Activity code 20.60
It covers the production of: - artificial filaments - artificial chopped fibers, not drawn, combed or otherwise prepared for spinning - artificial yarn, including yarn of high strength and textured yarn - artificial monofilaments or tapes. Does not include: - man-made fiber spinning, part. 13.10 - Manufacture of artificial filament sewing thread, del. 13.10
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