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Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities

Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities

Branch 66.1 – Activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

Financial and commodity exchanges

Activity code 66.11
It includes operations and supervision of organized and regulated financial markets (except for supervision by state bodies), such as: - commodity exchange exchanges - stock exchanges for futures contracts - stock exchanges - stock exchanges - stock exchanges for financial and commodity options (option contracts)

Brokerage with securities and commodities

Activity code 66.12
Includes: - financial market operations on behalf of others (for example, the services of sales agents for shares and units of investment funds) - brokerage services related to securities with the aim of connecting sellers and buyers of a particular financial instrument and related activities - brokerage services related to commodity exchange and commodity bills - exchange office services, etc. Does not include: - dealer operations on financial markets for own account, part. 64.99 - investment (portfolio) management on the basis of commission or agreed fee, del. 66.30

Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

Activity code 66.19
Includes ancillary activities in financial intermediation, not elsewhere specified or included: - processing of financial transactions, clearing and settlement, including credit card transactions - investment consulting services and other ancillary services related to investment banking - services of mortgage consultants and brokers trustee services, fiduciary and custody services on a commission basis or contracted fees, without investment (portfolio) management - processing, clearing and settlement of securities transactions (securities clearing houses). Does not include: - activity of agents and brokers in insurance, part. 66.22 - investment (portfolio) fund management, ie. fund management companies, del. 66.30

Branch 66.2 – Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

Processing of claims and risk and damage assessment

Activity code 66.21
It includes the provision of administrative insurance services such as processing and settlement compensation claims: - processing of claims: * liquidation of damages * consideration and assessment of risk * examination of claims, risk and damage assessment * liquidation of marine insurance accidents and other losses covered by insurance - settlement of compensation claims, ie. calculation and payment of insurance benefits and with that related activities. Does not include: - real estate appraisal, part. 68.3 - valuation of assets for other purposes, part. 74.90 - activity of private investigators, part. 80.30

Activities of insurance agents and intermediaries

Activity code 66.22
Includes: - activity of insurance agents and brokers in insurance, ie. in the sale, negotiation or bidding for insurance and reinsurance policies

Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

Activity code 66.29
Includes: - ancillary activities that are involved in the provision of insurance and pension funds or are closely related to these services, except financial intermediation, claims processing and the services of insurance agents and brokers: * administrative work related to damaged items and remnants of damaged items * actuarial services. Does not include: - ancillary activities in maritime and river transport in connection with accidents, 52.22

Branch 66.3 – Fund Management

Fund management

Activity code 66.30
It includes fund management services that include investment (portfolio) management, ie. authorization to make investment decisions on the basis of entrusted funds (decision on investing the funds of a fund or trust), on the basis of a commission or an agreed fee. Includes: - management of investment funds - management of pension funds - management of trust and other funds and trusts
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