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Branch 85.1 – Preschool education

Preschool education

Activity code 85.10
Includes: - pre-school education that precedes primary education Preschool education is the initial stage of organized teaching that is available to children from 6 months to 6 and a half years, until they start school. The prepared preschool program is a part of the regular program of the preschool institution in a full-day or half-day duration, which is realized with children in the year before starting school, which enables children to bridge the differences between family and school environment. Does not include: - daily care of children and care for them, part. 88.91

Branch 85.2 – Primary education

Primary education

Activity code 85.20
Primary education includes activities that are organized in order to acquire quality knowledge, skills, abilities, and the formation of values of attitudes in the field of language, mathematics, science, art, culture, technical, information literacy; knowledge and skills necessary for living and working in modern society and acquiring the basis for further education. Primary education and upbringing is acquired in school by realizing the curriculum and program lasting eight years and is realized in two educational cycles (4 + 4) and ends with passing the final exam. Such education is intended for children, but also includes literacy programs that are similar to primary education programs, and are intended for adults. Does not include: - adult education defined in part. 85.5 - daily care of children and care for them, including daily care for students in the so-called. living room, part. 88.91

Branch 85.3 – Secondary education

Secondary general education

Activity code 85.31
These classes provide a type of education that creates a basis for permanent education and personal development and enables for higher education programs. Units that fall into this group provide subject-oriented programs taught by subject teachers. Different directions in general secondary education (gymnasiums) enable directing and continuing education. These programs prepare students for vocational education, in terms of higher vocational or for transition to higher education (master). It ends with the passing of the general matura. Includes: - secondary education which, as a rule, enables access to higher education

Secondary vocational education

Activity code 85.32
These classes provide a type of education in which, in addition to the general education, specialized subjects are emphasized. It enables the acquisition of theoretical foundations and the mastery of practical skills related to an existing or future occupation, as well as preparation for employment. It ends with the passing of a professional, ie artistic matura or final exam. It can last 4, 3, 2 or a year. Includes: - vocational education that does not belong to higher education defined in part. 85.4. Does not include: - higher and higher education, part. 85.4 - training for work according to the "do it yourself" system, for recreation, hobbies and for the purposes of self-improvement vanja, part. 85.52 - Driving schools not intended for professional drivers, part. 85.53 - training for work as a part of social work without accommodation, del. 88.10 and 88.99

Branch 85.4 – Higher education

Post-secondary non-tertiary education

Activity code 85.41
It includes the continuation of secondary education which cannot be considered as higher education. For example, subsequent secondary education in preparation for higher education or specialization in vocational schools.

Higher education

Activity code 85.42
Includes: - first, second and third level of higher education - performing arts schools that provide higher education

Branch 85.5 – Other education

Sports and recreational education

Activity code 85.51
It includes training in sports activities intended for groups or individuals and which is performed in camps or schools. Sports camps with secured classes and accommodation and day camps are also included here. The training can take place in various facilities, such as training halls owned by clients, then in educational institutions and elsewhere. Training classified in this group is formally organized. Includes: - sports classes (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, etc.) - sports classes in camps - gymnastic training - riding training (riding academies or schools) - swimming training - activities of professional sports instructors, teachers and coaches - martial arts training - training in playing cards (bridge) - yoga classes. Does not include: - sports gymnasiums and sports colleges, part. 85.3 and 85.4 - art education, part. 85.52

Art education

Activity code 85.52
It includes training for artistic, acting and musical activities. Institutions that provide this type of training can be called schools, studies, classes, etc. Although they provide formally organized classes (mainly for the purpose of pursuing a hobby, for the purposes of recreation and self-improvement), after such training no professional diploma or diploma of any academic or other title is obtained. Includes: - piano playing training and other music training - training in painting - dance training in dance studios - acting training (except academies) - schools of fine arts (except academies) - schools of performing arts (except academies) - schools of photography (except commercial). Does not include: - foreign language teaching, part. 85.59

Driving school activities

Activity code 85.53
Includes: - schools of flying, sailing and ship management, for obtaining licenses whose issuance does not have the character of commercial certificates and licenses. Does not include: - schools for professional drivers, part. 85.32

Other education

Activity code 85.59
Includes: - education that is not defined according to the levels of education - academic tutoring - learning centers that offer remedial courses - preparatory classes for taking the exam - language learning and conversation classes - computer training - religious instruction - training for lifeguards at swimming pools and beaches - training for survival in the natural environment - training for public appearances - speed reading training. Does not include: adult literacy programs, part. 85.20 - general secondary education, part. 85.31 - technical and vocational secondary education, part. 85.32 - higher education, part. 85.4

Branch 85.6 – Auxiliary educational activities

Auxiliary educational activities

Activity code 85.60
Includes: - non-teaching activities that support educational processes or systems: * educational consulting * advisory activities for guidance in education * testing and assessment activities * organizing student exchange programs. Does not include: - research and development in social sciences and sciences in the field of culture and art, part. 72.20
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