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Activities of libraries, archives, museums, galleries and collections and other cultural activities

Activities of libraries, archives, museums, galleries and collections and other cultural activities

Branch 91.0 – Work of libraries, archives, museums, galleries and collections, institutes for protection of cultural monuments and other cultural activities

Library and archive activities

Activity code 91.01
Includes: - documentation and information activities of libraries of all types, reading rooms, auditoriums and special rooms for watching movies and videos, which provide services to users such as students, scientists, officials, as well as the work of archives that protect archival material and documentation, that is, they record, take over, keep, arrange, process, publish, make available archival material, issue certificates of facts contained in archival material and provide services to users of archival material: * preparation of collections, regardless of whether they are specialized or not * creation of catalogs of collections and information resources on archival material * collection, processing, protection, storage and provision of access to library- information material, books, maps, magazines, films, records, tapes, works of art, etc., ie publishing archival material for use * providing all forms of library and information services on site and remotely - activities of photo libraries and cinema libraries and accompanying services

Activities of museums, galleries and collections

Activity code 91.02
Includes: - work of museums of all kinds: * museums of art, jewelry, furniture, clothing, ceramics, silver objects, etc. * natural history, scientific and technical, historical and military museums * other specialized museums * open-air museum - protection of movable cultural property (preventive protection, restoration and conservation). Does not include: - activities of commercial art galleries, part. 47.78 - restoration of works of art and museum exhibits, part. 90.03 - activities of archives and libraries, part. 91.01

Protection and maintenance of immovable cultural property, cultural and historical sites, buildings and similar tourist monuments

Activity code 91.03
Includes: - protection and maintenance of immovable cultural property, cultural and historical sites, buildings and tourist monuments. Does not include: - renovation and restoration of other locations and buildings, sector F

Activity of botanical and zoological gardens and protection of natural values

Activity code 91.04
Includes: - activities of botanical and zoological gardens, including zoos for children - management of protected areas (national parks, reserves, monuments and nature parks, landscapes, etc.), including the protection of wild flora and fauna, speleological objects and geo heritage. Does not include: - activities within landscape architecture and arranging and maintaining gardens, part. 81.30 - activities for preservation of terrain for sport hunting and fishing, part. 93.19
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