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Fisheries and aquaculture

Fisheries and aquaculture

Branch 03.1 – Fishing

Sea fishing

Activity code 03.11
Includes: fishing for ocean, sea and coastal fishing, including whaling; on a commercial basis - catches of marine and freshwater crustaceans and molluscs - catch of aquatic animals: sea urchins, cuttlefish, turtles, cucumbers, etc. - collection of marine organisms and products: sponges and natural pearls - processing fish on fishing vessels. Does not include: - marine mammal hunting, except for whales, del. 01.70 - marine mammal processing and canning on processing vessels, del. 10.11 - processing and canning of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and molluscs not related to fishing, ie processing on board vessels equipped only for processing and preserving fish or in shore installations, del. 10.20 - rental of crewed vessels, del. 50.10 - fishing inspection, control and guard, del. 84.24 - sport fishing, etc., del. 93.19

Freshwater fishing

Activity code 03.12
Includes: - catch of fish on rivers and lakes, on a commercial basis - catch of freshwater crustaceans and molluscs - catch of freshwater animals - collection of freshwater organisms and their products. Does not include: - processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, del. 10.20 - fishing inspection, control and guard, del. 84.24 - sport fishing, etc., del. 93.19

Branch 03.2 – Aquaculture

Marine aquaculture

Activity code 03.21
Includes: - fish farming in seawater, including the cultivation of ornamental fish for aquariums - production of young oysters, mussels, lobster, shrimp and fish young - cultivation of sea salad and other edible seaweed - breeding and fattening of fish in seawater in tanks - breeding and fattening of fish in marine ponds - breeding of sea worms. Does not include: - breeding of frogs and other amphibians, del. 03.22 - Sport fishing, del. 93.19

Freshwater aquaculture

Activity code 03.22
Includes: - the breeding and fattening of fish in fresh water, including ornamental fish for aquariums - the rearing of molluscs, molluscs, amphibians and other animals in fresh water - Frog breeding - services relating to the netting and farming of fish in ponds. Does not include: - breeding of marine organisms for aquariums, del. 03.21 - Sport fishing, del. 93.19
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