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Sole Proprietorship Closing

Sole Proprietorship Closing

Fast and cost-effective closing procedure

3 steps to sole proprietorship closing

146 so far closed SPs

Become one of our satisfied clients who let us run their procedures for SP closing.

The most common reasons for closing SP activities are very high tax rates, unprofitability of the industry, new employment opportunities or change of the legal form. If you want to close your SP and save your time, leave the administrative procedure to us and use this legal option to close your business.

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If you have a specific situation related to the closing procedure of sole proprietorship, you should discuss all aspects with our consultants before initiating the process. Call us or make an appointment right away.

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In order to delete a sole proprietor from the register Serbian Business Registers Agency, it is necessary to obtain certificates of paid taxes from the tax administration at the local and state level. Both certificates must be registered within 5 calendar days, and precise activity synchronisation is required to complete the procedure successfully. Send us an inquiry, we will provide a detailed description of the procedure and its timeline as soon as possible.

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    Cost-effective service package

    We give you the opportunity to complete the SP closing process at Serbian Business Registers Agency as quickly as possible. We take over the SBRA process on your behalf and lead it until the final decision is made. Also, we obtain the official SBRA certificate that the procedure is completed. The process is completely transparent and thanks to the unique tracking system you can be updated in real time with all the steps in the procedure that we conduct on your behalf. The service package for closure includes mandatory SBRA fees.
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    Sole Proprietorship Closing
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    • Tracking status system
    • Obtaining final certificate
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    Stay updated with the process

    Our clients get access to a system for status tracking to be up to date with the procedure.

    We have enabled our clients to follow in real time what is happening with their procedure for closing sole proprietorship by creating personal account. By logging in to your account you follow the procedure from the very beginning to downloading the final SBRA certificate.
    Who obtains necessary tax certificates?
    Certificates of paid tax liabilities are obtained by a sole proprietor personally or by their authorised accountant. Certificates are issued by both local and state tax administrations.
    Can SP be closed if taxes are not paid?
    In order to submit an application for closing, it is necessary to enclose tax certificates that there are no tax nor contributions liabilities in legally defined deadline.
    How long does it take to close SP?
    In 5-day period we initiate the closing procedure at the Serbian Business Registers Agency that has a legal deadline for reaching a final decision up to 5 working days.
    Is it possible to submit scanned certificates?
    Tax certificates must be submitted to the SBRA in the original form. They can be delivered to us in person or by post with the rest of necessary documents.
    Can a new SP be registered after closing the old one?
    There are no obstacles to register a new sole proprietorship if the previous one had been officially closed. Also, SP has a legal option to be paused for some period of time.
    Does SP have to be closed in case of employment?
    Employees have the legal opportunity to engage in additional activities, ie. they can have a sole proprietorship registered. The amount of SP contributions will be reduced.

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