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Transfer of entrepreneurs to d.o.o.

Transfer of entrepreneurs to d.o.o.


Continue your business in d.o.o. legal form as soon as possible.

The entrepreneur can change the legal form at any time and become the owner of a one-member company, after which he can cede all or part of the share.

Use all the advantages of a company as a legal form

Of all the legal forms of organization for performing economic activity that our law knows, the limited liability company is probably the most represented. One of the basic advantages of this form of organization is limited liability. The entrepreneur has unlimited liability and in case of collection of receivables is liable with all his property. So, re-registration in d.o.o. is to raise business to a higher level in legal, accounting and administrative terms.

What does the process look like?

How does Direkta help you register change quickly and efficiently?

04 steps

Provide data
You submit all data via the online form with the consent for processing.
Start the procedure
Make a payment
Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive instructions for payment for the ordered service to your email address.
Start the procedure
Sign the documentation
Within 24 hours of recording your payment, we will provide you with documentation ready for verification.
Start the procedure
Download the solution
We deliver the decision on the registered change of entrepreneurial activity first to you online, and then by mail.
Start the procedure

You need a consultation regarding
by registering a change of legal form?

If you have a specific situation related to the change of legal form, it is best to consult with our consultants before initiating the change registration procedure.

Quickly and easily start the transition process to d.o.o.

The procedure for transferring entrepreneurs to d.o.o. you can start at any time, by contacting our support via online chat or by directly ordering a package of services with the delivery of all the necessary information. You can send us an inquiry to get all the necessary information about the necessary steps that should be taken to change the legal form and move to d.o.o. as soon as possible.

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    Save money

    Change of legal form in one procedure

    When transferring an entrepreneur to a d.o.o. it is necessary to synchronize the steps, because the two procedures are conducted at the same time. Namely, it is necessary to register the deletion of the entrepreneur and register the d.o.o. with the necessary activation. To enable process efficiency and save money, we decided to include all costs and form packages with the services needed for re-registration. When ordering the service, you will have the option to choose a package, and our online calculator will calculate the exact amount to pay.
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    Change of legal form
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Fees for changing the legal form
    • Conducting the procedure
    • Download solutions
    • Monitoring the status of cases
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    Follow the registration process

    Our clients get access to a system for tracking the status of cases to always be up to date with the procedure.

    We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your procedure of changing the legal form, from initiating the case to making a decision and downloading the documentation in electronic form.
    Is a founding act required for this change?
    The founding act is a document that is needed when founding a company, and thus when transferring an entrepreneur to a d.o.o. The founders sign the document with a notary with certification. The founding act, as well as all other necessary documentation, is prepared by our legal team for the needs of this change.
    Does the entrepreneur exist after moving to d.o.o.
    The entrepreneur is deleted from the register of business entities during re-registration. This procedure is an integral part of the change of legal form. Until then, all rights and obligations from the business of the entrepreneur will be taken over by the newly established limited liability company.
    How many founders does it take to move to a d.o.o.?
    When moving from the legal form of an entrepreneur to a d.o.o. it is possible to establish only a one-member company. This means that the entrepreneur becomes the owner of 100% of the shares. After the completion of the change of form procedure, the share may be transferred, ie. to the division of ownership within the company.
    Is founding capital required?
    The founding capital is obligatory during the founding of the company, as well as during the transfer of the entrepreneur to the d.o.o. and may be first registered, and later paid within the period defined in the founding act, in accordance with the law. The minimum amount of founding capital is 100 dinars.
    Are certificates from the Tax Administration required?
    To move to d.o.o. it is necessary to enclose two certificates of paid tax liabilities that are not older than 5 calendar days at the time of submitting the application for the transfer of the entrepreneur to the d.o.o. In addition, it is necessary to enclose the founding act and other prescribed documentation for changing the legal form.
    Can the name of the entrepreneur be the same for d.o.o.
    The name of the entrepreneur when moving to d.o.o. may be part of the business name of the d.o.o. provided that the name is not the same or similar to the already registered companies in the register. Choosing the right name is part of our legal form change service.
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