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Standstill of entrepreneurial activity

Standstill of entrepreneurial activity


Take advantage of the legal entrepreneur hibernation option when it suits you best.

The entrepreneur is obliged to register any interruption, as well as the continuation of activities in the Business Registers Agency and the tax administration, with the submission of a tax return.

Register a business break and stop tax liabilities

Standstill or temporary cessation of activities is a legal option for entrepreneurs. From the day of registration of dormancy, until the registration of the continuation of the activity, you are not charged tax liabilities, you can charge for the already delivered services, but you cannot perform the activity. This option is great for seasonal jobs or if you decide to commit to some other commitments over a period of time.

What does the process look like?

How does Direkta help you register change quickly and efficiently?

04 steps

Provide data
You submit all data via the online form with the consent for processing.
Start the procedure
Make a payment
Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive instructions for payment for the ordered service to your email address.
Start the procedure
Sign the documentation
Within 24 hours of recording your payment, we will provide you with documentation ready for verification.
Start the procedure
Download the solution
We deliver the decision on the registered change of entrepreneurial activity first to you online, and then by mail.
Start the procedure

You need a consultation regarding
by registering the standstill of the store?

If you have a specific situation related to the temporary cessation of activities, it is best to consult with our consultants before initiating the registration process.

Quickly and easily register all changes

You can register all changes for an entrepreneur in a very short time. In addition, if you need expert advice related to the procedures for registering changes for an entrepreneur or some other legal form, you can send us an inquiry and you will receive a proposal for a solution as soon as possible. You can always expect from us a transparent approach to the necessary steps, as well as support for the fastest and most efficient implementation of the necessary registration procedures.

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    Save money

    Register multiple changes at once

    If you need to report another change in addition to registering the standstill of entrepreneurs, you can register them all at the same time. This way you gain in efficiency and great money savings. If you make several changes in one registration cycle, each subsequent change is charged at a 50% lower price. When ordering a service for registration of standstill, you have the option for additional changes within the form, and our online calculator will calculate the exact amount of our service with the included fees of the Business Registers Agency for all changes you choose to make at once.
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    Standstill of entrepreneurs
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Fees for business interruption
    • Conducting the procedure
    • Download solutions
    • Monitoring the status of cases
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    Follow the registration process

    Our clients get access to a system for tracking the status of cases to always be up to date with the procedure.

    We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your procedure for registering the suspension of entrepreneurs, from initiating the procedure to making a decision and downloading the documentation in electronic form.
    From what date does the temporary cessation of activities begin?
    The suspension shall run from the date stated in the application for registration and cannot be determined retroactively. The registration process is completed by making a decision on the adoption of the change. After that, it is necessary to submit the appropriate tax return.
    For what period is the standstill registered?
    The standstill period may be limited by the date specified in the registration application from which the activity will be automatically resumed. If you do not specify by which date the interruption will last at the start, the standstill will be active until you report the continuation of the activity.
    Should the tax administration be notified of the standstill?
    After the registration of the temporary interruption in the Business Registers Agency, it is necessary to submit the appropriate tax return to the competent tax administration electronically. If you do not have a digital signature, you can hire an accountant to do it for you.
    Is tax paid while the store is idle?
    During the standstill, the obligation to pay taxes and contributions according to any tax model is stopped. If there is a tax debt incurred before the registered temporary suspension, it remains with the calculation of interest prescribed by law.
    How to stop the action?
    If you have reported a cessation of activities for a certain period of time, the activities will continue automatically from the date indicated in the application. In case the date until which the dormancy lasts is not marked, it is necessary to submit a new APR application for the continuation of the activity.
    Is the bank account active during idle time?
    The bank account for the entrepreneur is active until it is blocked by the competent institutions or until the banking procedure for closing the account is initiated at the client's request. You can use the account, provided that you are not allowed to invoice services during the standstill period of the entrepreneur.
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