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NGO Closing Procedure

NGO Closing Procedure

Fast Closing Procedure

3 steps to NGO closing

396 closed associations so far

We can provide full legal and administrative support with closing procedure of your NGO.

In case you want to end your activities as a NGO, you can follow a short procedure of closing by registering certain documents in a legally defined framework. We provide full support with leading this process on your behalf with creating all necessary documents, collecting the tax administration certificates, following completely the registration procedure at SBRA.

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NGO closing?

Check all the aspects of NGO closing procedure and whether you meet all the requirements before initiating the process. Call us or make an appointment right away.

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Not all organizations are able to be closed right away at the Serbian Business Registers Agency. If there are unpaid tax obligations it is necessary to pay everything before starting the closing procedure. That is why it is necessary to do the initial analysis and consultations about the start of the process since it is required to have synchronised steps and experience in running the whole process successfully to the very end. Make an enquiry as the very first step!

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    Well-distributed financial proposal

    We give you the opportunity to complete the NGO closing process at Serbian Business Registers Agency as efficiently as possible. We take over the SBRA registration processes in line with legal deadlines. Also, we prepare all necessary documents throughout the whole process. The process is completely transparent and thanks to the unique tracking system you can be updated in real time with all the steps in the procedure that we conduct on your behalf. The service package for closure includes all mandatory SBRA fees.
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    NGO Closing Procedure
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    Stay updated with the process

    Our clients get access to a system for status tracking to be up to date with the procedure.

    We have enabled our clients to follow in real time what is happening with their procedure for closing their NGO by creating personal account on our platform. By logging in to your account you can follow the procedure status from the very beginning to the final step that is downloading the final SBRA certificate.
    What is required to close an organization?
    For the closing procedures it is necessary to obtain tax administration certificates that all taxes and contributions are paid along with a set of documents that need to be signed by the majority of founders. Everything should be registered at SBRA within 5 days.
    Do all the members should be present?
    It is necessary to obtain signatures of majority of the organization members, usually 2/3 of the total number. Their presence is necessary only when the documents are signed at the notary office. SBRA procedure can be done on the behalf of the organization legal representative.
    Can NGO be closed if there are some unsettlements?
    No. In order to follow the legal procedure of closing a NGO within a short procedure, it is necessary to get tax certificates that everything is paid. In case there are some unsettlements, they should be paid before initiating the closing procedure.
    How long does it take to close a NGO?
    The liquidation procedure lasts 2-3 months. However, it is possible to close the organization under a short procedure in several days. However, for this procedure that we conduct, it is necessary to meet certain conditions in accordance with regulations.
    Who issues tax certificates?
    One certificate is issued by the the state tax administration, while the other certificate is issued by the local tax administration. The location is matched with the location where the NGO is registered. Both certificates are valid for only 5 calendar days.
    Why should Direkta be my choice for this process?
    Our team has a lot of experience in the closing procedures. We have created a platform for the fast process initiation and we have perfect timeline for leading this process. Also, you can check out our reviews and testimonials for gaining more confidence.

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