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Warehousing and related traffic activities

Warehousing and related traffic activities

Branch 52.1 – Storage


Activity code 52.10
Includes: - operation of storage and warehousing facilities for all types of cargo, such as: * silos for cereals, warehouses for various loads, warehouses-refrigerators, etc. - storage and keeping of goods in free customs zones (foreign trade zones) zone) - instantaneous freezing for storage purposes. Does not include: - car parks, part. 52.21 - operation of facilities and equipment for independent storage and storage - rental of free space, part. 68.20

Branch 52.2 – Supporting activities in traffic

Service activities inland transport

Activity code 52.21
Includes: - activities related to the land transport of passengers, animals or cargo: * operation of facilities and equipment at terminals, such as railway and bus stations and cargo handling stations * management of railway infrastructure (maintenance, organization and regulation of railway traffic and providing access and use of public railway infrastructure) * accompanying activities related to the use (charging and maintenance) of roads, bridges, tunnels, parking lots or garages, bicycle parking lots, winter accommodation for trailers, etc. - changing tracks (turning) and shunting - towing vehicles and roadside assistance - conversion of gas into liquid for the purpose of transport. Does not include: - cargo handling, part. 52.24

Service activities in water transport

Activity code 52.22
Includes: - activities related to the transport of passengers, animals or cargo in water transport: * operation of facilities and equipment at terminals such as ports and wharves * operation of water locks, etc. * navigation, piloting and docking * rescue, transportation by barges and pushers, etc. * lighthouse operation. Does not include: - cargo handling, part. 52.24 - rad marina, del. 93.29

Service activities in air transport

Activity code 52.23
Includes: - activities relating to the carriage of passengers, animals or goods by air: * operation of terminal facilities such as airport terminals, etc. * control of airports and air traffic * work of ground service at airports, etc. - fire protection and defense at airports. Does not include: - cargo handling, part. 52.24 - flying school activity, part. 85.32 and 85.53

Cargo handling

Activity code 52.24
Includes: - loading and unloading of cargo or luggage of passengers, regardless of the type of means of transport by which the transport was performed - loading into and unloading from ships - loading into and unloading from freight railway wagons. Does not include: - operation of station facilities, part. 52.21-52.23

Other transportation support activities

Activity code 52.29
Includes: - forwarding business - organization of transport by rail, road, sea or air - organization of group and individual shipments (including collection and delivery, as well as grouping of shipments) - issuing and obtaining transport documents and consignment notes - affairs of customs agents - business of sea and air freight forwarders - brokerage business for ship and aircraft space - cargo handling, e.g. temporary packing only for the purposes of protection of goods during transit, repackaging, sampling and weighing of goods. Does not include: - courier activities, part. 53.20 - insurance of means of transport, part. 65.12 - activity of travel agencies, part. 79.11 - activity of travel organizer, part. 79.12 - auxiliary tourist activities, part. 79.90
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