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Other professional, scientific and technical activities

Other professional, scientific and technical activities

Branch 74.1 – Specialized design activities

Specialized design activities

Activity code 74.10
Includes: - fashion design of fabrics, clothing, footwear, jewelry, furniture (and other interior decoration) and other fashion products for personal and household use - industrial design, ie. creation and development of design and criteria that improve the use value and appearance of the product, including determining the type of material, construction, mechanism, shape, color and surface treatment of the product, taking into account human characteristics and needs, safety, market requirements and efficiency in production, delivery , use and maintenance - graphic design - interior decoration. Does not include: - website design, part. 62.01 - design of buildings, part. 71.1 - engineering design, ie. application of physical laws and technical principles in design machine, material, instrument, composition, process and system, part. 71.12

Branch 74.2 – Photographic services

Photographic services

Activity code 74.20
Includes: - making photographs for commercial purposes and for consumers: * for documents, schools, weddings, etc. * photographs for advertising purposes, for publishing, fashion, real estate and for tourism purposes * aerial photography * video recording of events: weddings, meetings, etc. - film processing: * developing, duplicating and enlarging with negatives or films downloaded from clients * laboratories for film development and photography * photo shops for quick photo production (without camera sales) * making slides * copy, restore or retouch photos - activity of a photo reporter - microfilming of documents. Does not include: - film processing related to film and television activities, part. 59.12 - providing cartographic and spatial information, part. 71.12 - operation of photographic machines, part. 96.09

Branch 74.3 – Translation and interpreter services

Translation and interpretation services

Activity code 74.30
It includes translation services and interpreter services

Branch 74.9 – Other professional, scientific and technical activities

Other professional, scientific and technical activities

Activity code 74.90
Includes: - mediation in the purchase and sale of economic entities, e.g. organizing the purchase and sale of small and medium enterprises, including medical practice, but not mediation in the sale of real estate - mediation in the legal transfer of patent rights - valuation, except for the value of real estate and the value of objects for purposes insurance (antiques, valuables, etc.) - accounting audit and information on freight rates - weather forecast - providing safety advice - giving agronomic advice - giving environmental advice - giving other advice - giving advice other than advice on architecture, engineering and management - activities of quantitative assessors - activities performed by agents and agencies in the interest of individuals, in connection with obtaining engagement in the shooting of films, theater performances or other entertainment and sports events, placement of books, plays, works of art, photographs, etc. Does not include: - auction of wholesale of used motor vehicles, part. 45.1 - sale over the Internet, part. 47.91 - activities of auction houses (retail), part. 47.79 - activities of real estate agents, part. 68.31 - bookkeeping activities, part. 69.20 - management advice, part. 70.22 architectural and engineering consultancy activities, part. 71.1 - industrial and mechanical design, part. 71.12 and 74.10 - veterinary examination and control in relation to food production, part. 71.20 - activity of advertising agencies, part. 73.11 - production of stands and other constructions for display of propaganda material, part. 73.11 - organization of exhibitions and gatherings, part. 82.30 - activities of independent auctioneers, part. 82.99 - development of a program for maintaining customer loyalty, part. 82.99 - giving advice on consumer loans and debts, part. 88.99
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