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Management activities; management consulting

Management activities; management consulting

Branch 70.1 – Management of an economic entity

Economic entity management

Activity code 70.10
It includes the supervision of the economic entity and its management; implementation of strategic or organizational planning and decision-making related to the economic entity; performing control and conducting day-to-day operations of interconnected units. This includes the management of the economic entity: - from his seat - from the central departments - from regional and regional departments - from branches. Does not include: - activity of holding companies not involved in management, part. 64.20

Branch 70.2 – Management consulting services

Communications and public relations activities

Activity code 70.21
It includes advising, directing, and providing operational assistance regarding communication and public relations, including lobbying for other entities. Does not include: - advertising agencies and media representation services, part. 73.1 - market research and public opinion polling, part. 73.20

Business and other management consultancy activities

Activity code 70.22
It includes advising, directing, or providing operational assistance to business and other management-related organizations, such as company strategies and organizational planning, business process transformation, management change, cost reduction, and other financial matters. It also includes marketing goals and policies; policies, practical issues and planning in the field of human resources, provision of human resources, practices and planning; retirement strategy; production planning and control. Business services may include giving advice, guidance or providing operational assistance to economic entities and public services in connection with: - development of accounting procedures, programs and procedures of budget control costs - giving advice and providing assistance to economic entities and public services, which relate to planning, organizational issues, business efficiency and control, information management, etc. Does not include: design of accounting software, part. 62.01 - giving legal advice and representation, part. 69.10 - performing accounting and bookkeeping and control activities; giving tax councils, part. 69.20 - architectural and engineering consulting activities, part. 71.11 and 71.12 - environmental, agronomic, safety and similar consulting activities, part. 74.90 - activity of employment agencies, part. 78.10 - auxiliary educational activities, part. 85.60
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