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Architectural and engineering activities; engineering testing and analysis

Architectural and engineering activities; engineering testing and analysis

Branch 71.1 – Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy

Architectural activities

Activity code 71.11
Includes: - giving architectural advice related to: * drafting and project plans * urban and spatial planning and landscape design. Does not include: - information technology services, part. 62.02 and 62.09 - interior decoration services, part. 74.10

Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

Activity code 71.12
Includes: - engineering design (ie application of the laws of physics and engineering principles in the design of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems) and consulting activities related to: * machines and processes * projects for civil engineering, hydro construction and traffic * water management projects - preparation and implementation of studies in the field of electrical engineering, mining, chemistry, mechanical engineering, industry and safety system - development of projects used for air conditioning, refrigeration, purification and testing of air pollution, in the field of acoustics, etc. - geophysical, geological and seismological measurements - geodetic activities: * measuring borders and terrain * hydrological measurement * underground measurement * providing cartographic information. Does not include: - trial drilling related to ore exploitation, part. 09.10 and 09.90 - software development and publishing, part. 58.29 and 62.01 - information technology services, part. 62.02 and 62.09 technical testing, part. 71.20 - research and development in technical-technological sciences, part. 72.19 - industrial design, part. 74.10 - aerial photography, part. 74.20

Branch 71.2 – Technical testing and analysis

Technical testing and analysis

Activity code 71.20
It includes physical, chemical and other analytical tests of all types of materials and products, including: * acoustics and vibration testing * examination of the composition and purity of minerals, etc. * hygienic testing of food, including veterinary testing and control of food production * testing of physical characteristics and resistance of materials, such as strength, thickness, durability, radioactivity, etc. * quality and reliability testing * testing of complete equipment: engines, cars, electronic devices, etc. * radiographic examination of welding and soldering * analysis of shortcomings * testing and measuring environmental indicators: air and water pollution, etc. - issuing certificates for products, including consumer goods, motor vehicles, aircraft, pressure vessels, nuclear facilities, etc. - issuing certificates of conformity for products, processes, services, management systems and professionals - periodic testing of the correctness of motor vehicles - testing using models (eg airplanes, ships, dams, etc.) - work of police laboratories. Does not include: - testing of animal samples, part. 75.00 - diagnosis, medical and dental testing and analysis, part. 86
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