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Advertising and market research

Advertising and market research

Branch 73.1 – Advertising

Activity of advertising agencies

Activity code 73.11
Includes: - creating and publishing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on television, on the Internet and other media - creating and placing advertisements in the open space, e.g. on billboards, panels, newsletters, shop windows, painting cars and buses, etc. - aerial advertising - distribution or delivery of propaganda material or samples - arranging stands and other facilities and spaces that serve for the display of propaganda material - managing a marketing campaign and other advertising services in order to consumers are interested and retained: * product promotion * point of sale marketing activities * direct mail advertising * marketing consulting. Does not include: - publishing of advertising material, part. 58.19 - production of commercial messages for television and film, part. 59.11 - production of commercial radio messages, part. 59.20 market research, part. 73.20 - advertising photographs, part. 74.20 - organization of congresses and trade exhibitions, part. 82.30 - postal addressing, part. 82.19

Media presentation

Activity code 73.12
Includes: - media presentation, e.g. sell and resell space and time for customer-focused media campaigns. Does not include: - sale of media time or advertising space directly from the media owner time and space (publishers, etc.) - public relations activities, part. 70.21

Branch 73.2 – Market research and public opinion polling

Market research and public opinion polling

Activity code 73.20
Includes: - research of market potential, information, acceptance and knowledge of products and consumer buying habits in order to promote, sell and develop new products and services, including statistical analysis of results - public opinion polls on political, economic and social issues and theirs statistical analysis
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