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Other personal service activities

Other personal service activities

Branch 96.0 – Other personal service activities

Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products

Activity code 96.01
Includes: - washing and dry cleaning, ironing, etc. all types of clothing (including fur) and textiles using mechanical equipment, manual or in self-service laundries, for household, industrial or business users - collection and delivery of laundry and clothes for dry cleaning, washing and ironing - cleaning carpets and blankets, washing curtains and draperies, either in the user's premises or not - dyeing of laundry, work uniforms, etc. as part of a laundry service - diaper washing - canvas painting - dry cleaning and dyeing of leather items and cleaning of fur - repair of clothes and other textile items (due to minor damage) which is performed within the washing service. Does not include: - renting clothes, except for work uniforms, even when cleaning these items integral part of the activity, part. 77.29 - repair and alteration of clothing as independent activities, part. 95.29

Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

Activity code 96.02
Includes: - washing, trimming and cutting hair, making hairstyles, coloring and bleaching hair, twisting, straightening and similar services for women and men - shaving and trimming the beard - facial massage, manicure, pedicure, make-up, etc. Does not include: - making wigs, part. 32.99

Funeral and related activities

Activity code 96.03
Includes: - burial and cremation of human and animal corpses: * preparation of corpses for burial, cremation and embalming and funeral services * burial and cremation services * renting equipped space for funeral ceremonies in the cemetery - renting and selling grave sites - maintenance of graves and monuments. Does not include: - performing religious funeral rites, part. 94.91 - arrangement of the cemetery, part. 81.30

Body care and maintenance activities

Activity code 96.04
Includes: - activities of Turkish baths, saunas and steam baths, solariums, salons for weight loss, massage parlors, etc. Does not include: - medical massage and therapy, part. 86.90 - fitness clubs and gyms, part. 93.13

Other personal service activities nec

Activity code 96.09
Includes: - performing astrological and spiritualistic sessions - organizing escorts, scheduling meetings, marriage mediation services - pet care services (accommodation and food, combing, keeping and training) - activities of origin discovery organizations (genealogy) - activity of tattoo and piercing studios - activity of shoe cleaners, porters, car parking toll collectors, etc. - performing activities on the basis of a license with self-service machines (photo booths, scales, blood pressure monitors, "safes" for things and clothes, etc.). Does not include: veterinary activities, part. 75.00 - self-service washing machines in laundries, part. 96.01 - gambling and games machines, part. 92.00
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