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Other mining

Other mining

Branch 08.1 – Exploitation of stone, sand, clay and other raw materials for construction materials

Exploitation of building and decorative stone, limestone, gypsum, chalk

Activity code 08.11
Includes: - exploitation, rough processing and cutting of construction and decorative stone (marble, granite, sandstone, etc.) - breaking and crushing of decorative and building stone - exploitation, crushing and sifting of limestone - exploitation of gypsum and anhydrite - exploitation of chalk and dolomite. Does not include: - exploitation of raw materials for the chemical industry and production of mineral fertilizers, part. 08.91 - production of calcined lime dolomite, part. 23.52 - Cutting, shaping and ironing of architectural stone outside the quarry, del. 23.70

Operation of gravel, sand, clay and kaolin

Activity code 08.12
Includes: - exploitation of industrial sand, construction sand and gravel - crushing and sifting of gravel - exploitation of construction sand - exploitation of brick clay, refractory clay and kaolin. Does not include: - exploitation of oil (bituminous, tar) sand, part. 06.10

Branch 08.9 – Exploitation of other ores and stones

Exploitation of minerals, production of mineral fertilizers and chemicals

Activity code 08.91
Includes: - exploitation of phosphorites and potassium salts - exploitation of native sulfur - exploitation of pyrite and pyrrhotite - exploitation of barite and viterite (barium sulphate and barium carbonate), kizerite (magnesium sulfate), borates (boron minerals) - exploitation of yadarite (sodium boron-lithium silicate hydroxide) to the production of boric acid, lithium carbonate and sodium sulfate in the exploitation field using the process of preparation of mineral raw materials - exploitation of natural pigments, fluorite and other minerals as raw materials for the chemical industry - exploitation of guano. Does not include: - exploitation of halite (sodium chloride), part. 08.93 - frying pyrite concentrate, part. 20.13 - production of artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, del. 20.15

Peat exploitation

Activity code 08.92
Includes: - peat exploitation - primary processing of peat for quality improvement, easier storage or transport. Does not include: - service activities in the exploitation of peat, part. 09.90 - production of peat briquettes, del. 19.20 - production of garden soil (mixtures of peat, humus, sand, clay, fertilizers, etc.), part. 20.15 - manufacture of peat products, part. 23.99

Exploitation of sodium chloride

Activity code 08.93
Includes: - exploitation of halite (sodium chloride) from the reservoir, including dissolution and pumping - production of salt by evaporation of seawater or other salt water - the grinding, purification and refining of salts by the manufacturer. Does not include: - processing salt to obtain edible salt, e.g. iodization without exploitation, part. 10.84 - drinking water production by desalination of salt water, del. 36.00

Exploitation of other non-metallic ores and minerals

Activity code 08.99
Includes: - exploitation of various minerals such as: * abrasives, asbestos, fossil flour, graphite, talc, feldspar, etc. * precious and semi-precious stones, quartz, mica, etc. * natural asphalt and bitumen
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