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Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, straw and plaiting materials, except furniture

Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, straw and plaiting materials, except furniture

Branch 16.1 – Cutting and processing of wood

Sawmilling and woodworking

Activity code 16.10
Includes: - wood processing and cutting - Sawing, scraping and woodworking machines - production of wooden railway sleepers - manufacture of profiled wooden products - production of unassembled timber for paving - production of wooden wool, wood flour, wood chips, chipboard, etc. - drying of wood - impregnation or chemical treatment of wood using protective agents or others material. Does not include: - Logging and rough woodworking, del. 02.20 - production of veneer, plywood, layered, fibrous and chipboard panels, part. 16.21 - production of shingles and carved wood, del. 16.23 - production of briquettes from wood for burning, del. 16.29

Branch 16.2 – Manufacture of articles of wood, cork, wicker and straw

Manufacture of veneer sheets and wood-based panels

Activity code 16.21
Includes: - production of veneer that is thin enough to be used for veneering, coating of particle boards or for other purposes: * sanded, dyed, coated, impregnated veneer sheets * veneer in the form of a pattern - production of plywood, veneer, etc. board - production of medium density boards (MFD) and other fiber boards - production of chipboard - production of fibreboards - production of laminated and compressed wood - production of glued wood and laminated veneer

Production of parquet

Activity code 16.22
It includes the production of wood parquet, laminated parquet and strip. Does not include: - manufacture of unassembled wooden floorboards, part. 16.10

Manufacture of other builders carpentry and joinery

Activity code 16.23
Includes: - manufacture of wood products intended primarily for use in construction: * beams, wood for horns (roof), roof constructions, etc. * wooden roof supports, prefabricated, laminated with adhesive and bonded metal * doors, windows, shutters and their frames, whether or not containing metal parts equipment such as hinges, locks, etc. * steps, fence, etc. * shingles, chopped (cut) wood, molds, models and wood ornaments - the production of prefabricated houses or elements primarily of wood, e.g. sauna manufacture of mobile homes - production of walls and partitions of wood (except those that can stand alone). Does not include: - manufacture of kitchen sets, bookshelves, wardrobes, etc., del. 31.01, 31.02 and 31.09 - manufacture of free-standing wood products, part. 31.0

Manufacture of wood packaging

Activity code 16.24
Includes production: - crates, boxes, crates and similar wooden containers - pallets, box pallets and other wooden installation surfaces - barrels, kegs, tubs and other wooden barrel products - cable reels, etc. of wood. Does not include production: - travel goods, del. 15.12 - chests of plaiting material (wicker), part. 16.29

Manufacture of other products of wood; cork, straw and plaiting materials

Activity code 16.29
Includes: - production of various wood products: * wooden handles and tool parts, brooms, brushes, etc. * wooden shoe molds, wooden hangers, etc. * wooden utensils for kitchen use; wall and standing racks for suits and hats * wooden statuettes and ornaments, markets and wood inlays * wooden jewelry boxes, cutlery, etc. product * wooden spools, sewing thread spools and similar products of planed wood * other wooden articles - natural cork processing - manufacture of products made of natural or agglomerated cork (including floor coverings and stoppers) - production of braids and products from wicker materials: straw, reeds, reeds, etc. - production of baskets and other wickerwork - production of fuel briquettes made of compacted wood or substitutes such as are coffee or soy - production of wooden picture frames and mirrors - production of frames for paintings - production of wooden parts of footwear (eg heels or molds) - production of holders for umbrellas, sticks, etc. - production of pipe parts. Does not include: - Manufacture of textile mats, rugs and drapes, del. 13.92 - manufacture of wooden suitcases, part. 15.12 - production of wooden footwear and soles, part. 15.20 - production of matches, part. 20.51 - manufacture of watch cases, del. 26.52 - production of wooden spools, covers, bobbins, spools that are part of the textile industries, part. 28.94 - furniture production, part. 31.0 - manufacture of wooden toys, del. 32.40 - Manufacture of brushes and brooms, del. 32.91 - production of coffins, part. 32.99 - manufacture of support rods and handles for wooden umbrellas, part. 32.99 - water cork belts, 32.99
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