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Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Branch 22.1 – Manufacture of rubber products

Manufacture of rubber tires and tubes, retreading and rebuilding of rubber tires

Activity code 22.11
Includes: - production of tires for: motor vehicles, equipment, mobile machines, aviation, toys, furniture and other necessities: * pneumatic tires * full tires - production of inner tires - production of replaceable parts for outer tires, wall protectors, retreading tapes outer tires and more. - retreading of tires. Does not include: - Manufacture of rubber repair materials, del. 22.19 - repair of tires and inner tubes, adjustment and replacement, part. 45.20

Manufacture of other rubber products

Activity code 22.19
Includes: - manufacture of other products of natural or synthetic rubber, not vulcanised, vulcanised or hard tires: * plates, sheets, strips, bars and other shaped shapes of rubber * tubes, hoses and sockets * conveyor belts, transmission and drive belts * contraceptives, pacifiers and hot water bottles * garments that are not sewn but only glued * rubber soles and other rubber parts of footwear * rubber thread and rope * Rubberized yarn and fabric * rings, flanges and rubber gaskets * Rubber roller lining * inflatable rubber mattresses * inflatable balloons * rubber brushes * hard rubber pipes * combs, hairpins, curlers, etc. of hard rubber * impregnated textiles, coated or laminated with rubber * rubber materials for vehicle tire repair - production of sexy rubber items - production of swimming caps - production of diving clothing. Does not include: - production of cord fabrics for tires for vehicles, part. 13.96 - production of garments from elastic fabrics, part. 14.14 and 14.19 - production of rubber footwear, del. 15.20 - production of rubber-based glues and adhesives, part. 20.52 - production of tire protection profiles for vehicles, part. 22.11 - manufacture of rubber inflatable boats, part. 30.11 and 30.12 - Manufacture of uncoated foam rubber mattresses, del. 31.03 - Manufacture of rubber sports equipment, del. 32.30 manufacture of rubber games and toys (including inflatable swimming pools, boats on inflatable, inflatable rubber animals, balls, etc.), part. 32.40 - Tire retreading, del. 38.32

Branch 22.2 – Manufacture of plastic products

Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

Activity code 22.21
Includes: - production of semi-finished plastic products: * plates, sheets, blocks, films, foils, tapes, etc. (self-adhesive or not) - production of finished plastic products: * pipes, hoses and hoses, accessories for hoses and hoses, etc. - production of cellophane. Does not include: - production of plastics in primary forms, part. 20.16 - production of articles of synthetic and natural rubber, part. 22.1

Manufacture of plastic packaging

Activity code 22.22
Includes: - production of plastic articles for packaging goods: * bags, sacks, boxes, crates, canisters, bottles, etc. Does not include: - production of plastic suitcases and handbags and plastic travel items, part. 15.12

Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic

Activity code 22.23
It includes the production of: doors, windows, frames, shutters, blinds, floor moldings, etc. * tanks and reservoirs * floor, wall or ceiling coverings in the form of rolls or tiles, etc. * sanitary items such as bathtubs, shower trays, washbasins, toilet bowls, cisterns, etc. - production of linoleum and hard floor coverings, regardless of whether they are covered with undersides with fabric or non-woven fabric - production of artificial stone (eg imitation marble)

Manufacture of other plastic products

Activity code 22.29
Includes: - production of table and kitchen utensils and toiletries made of plastic - production of various plastic products: * helmets, insulation elements, power lines, office or school equipment, clothing (if not sewn but glued), household fittings, statuettes, transmission and drive belts, self-adhesive tapes made of plastic, plastic shoe molds, plastic cigar and cigarette holders, combs, plastic blades, novelties made of plastic, etc. Does not include production: - travel articles of plastics, part. 15.12 - plastic footwear, part. 15.20 - plastic furniture, del. 31.01, 31.02, 31.09 - uncoated plastic mattresses, part. 31.03 - plastic sports requisites, del. 32.30 - plastic games and toys, part. 32.40 - medical and dental aids of plastics, part. 32.50 - plastic medical and dental aids, part. 32.50 - plastic ophthalmic articles, part. 32.50 - hard headgear and other personal plastic security items, del. 32.99
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