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Manufacture of paper and paper products

Manufacture of paper and paper products

Branch 17.1 – Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard

Manufacture of pulp fibers

Activity code 17.11
Includes: - production of bleached, semi-bleached and unbleached wood pulp by mechanical, chemical (with or without dissolution) or by a semi-chemical process - production of cellulose from cotton fibers, etc. - removal of printing ink and production of pulp from waste paper

Manufacture of paper and paperboard

Activity code 17.12
Includes: - production of paper and paperboard intended for further industrial processing - further processing of paper and paperboard: * coating, covering and impregnation of paper and cardboard - production of creped and pleated paper - production of handmade paper - production of newsprint and other paper for printing and writing - production of cellulose wadding and cellulose fiber fabrics - production of carbon and self-copy paper in rolls or larger boards. Does not include production: - corrugated paper and paperboard, del. 17.21 - further processing of articles of paper and paperboard, del. 17.22, 17.23, 17.24 and 17.29 - sandpaper, del. 23.91 - coated or impregnated paper, where the coating or impregnated paper is significant integral part (classified in the activity to which the coating belongs)

Branch 17.2 – Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard

Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard

Activity code 17.21
It covers the production of: - corrugated paper and cardboard - packaging made of corrugated paper and cardboard - paper and cardboard packaging - folding cardboard packaging - full cardboard packaging - paper bag and bag - office binders, folders and similar products. Does not include production of: - envelope, part. 17.23 - shaped and pressed paper pulp articles (eg cardboard for packing eggs, paper plates of modeled cellulose), etc., as well as items made of corrugated paper and cardboard, part. 17.29

Manufacture of articles of paper for personal and household use

Activity code 17.22
Includes: - production of paper items for personal and household use and products of cellulose wadding: * makeup remover sheets * handkerchief, napkin and napkin * toilet paper * sanitary napkins and tampons, baby diapers * mugs, bowls, trays, etc. - production of textile cotton wool and cotton wool items: sanitary napkins and tampons. Does not include: - manufacture of cellulose wadding, part. 17.12

Manufacture of paper stationery

Activity code 17.23
Includes: - production of ready-to-use printing and writing paper - production of paper for computer printing - production of ready-to-use self-copy paper - production of ready-to-use duplicators and carbon paper - production of ready-to-use rubberized and adhesive paper - production of envelopes and stationery - production of maps - production of office and school supplies such as notebooks, notebooks, notebooks, blocks, forms, etc. - production of boxes, bags and notes for office use. Does not include: - printing on paper products, del. 18.1

Manufacture of wallpaper

Activity code 17.24
Includes: - production of wallpaper and paper wall coverings, including wallpaper plastic coated and textile wall coverings. Does not include: - manufacture of paper and paperboard, part. 17.12 - production of plastic wallpaper, del. 22.29

Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard

Activity code 17.29
Includes: - production of labels (stickers) - production of filter paper and cardboard - production of bobbins, spools, cops, etc. of paper and cardboard - the production of egg cartons and other packing products of compressed cardboard - production of cards for jacquard machines - making decorative and other paper objects. Does not include: - production of playing cards and other paper and cardboard games, part. 32.40
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