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Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations

Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations

Branch 21.1 – Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products

Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products

Activity code 21.10
Includes: - testing, refining and production of medicinally active substances used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations: * antibiotics, vitamins, salicylic acid, acetisalicylic acid, etc. - blood processing - production of chemically pure sugars - processing of glands and production of extracts from glands

Branch 21.2 – Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

Activity code 21.20
Includes: - production of drugs: * antisera and other blood fractions * vaccine * a variety of medicines, including homeopathic remedies - production of chemical contraceptives for external use and hormonal contraceptives - manufacture of medical diagnostic preparations, including screening tests pregnancy - production of radioactive diagnostic preparations for examinations - production of biotechnical pharmaceutical preparations - production of medically impregnated wadding, gauze, bandages, bandage material, surgical catgut et al. - processing of plants (grinding, sorting) for pharmaceutical purposes. Does not include: - production of herbal mixtures (mint, spores, chamomile, etc.), del. 10.83 - production of dental materials and cement, part. 32.50 - production of cement for bone reconstruction, del. 32.50 - production of surgical clothing, part. 32.50 - wholesale of pharmaceutical products, part. 46.46 - retail sale of pharmaceutical goods, part. 47.73 - Research and Development in Pharmacology and Herbal Pharmacology, del. 72.1 - Packaging of pharmaceutical preparations, part. 82.92
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