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Furniture production

Furniture production

Branch 31.0 – Manufacture of furniture

Manufacture of office and shop furniture

Activity code 31.01
Includes the production of furniture of any kind, from any material (except stone, concrete or ceramics), for any space and for any purpose: - chair and seating for: offices, study rooms, hotels, restaurants and public premises - seats for theaters, cinemas, etc. - special furniture for shops: counters, exhibition boxes, shelves, etc. - office furniture - furniture for laboratories - decorative trolleys for restaurants - furniture for churches, schools and restaurants. Does not include: - production of school and office boards, part. 28.23 - production of vehicle seats, part. 29.32, 30.20 and 30.30 - production of train seats, part. 30.20 - production of operating tables, dental chairs, hospital beds, etc., del. 32.50 - installation and fastening of modular furniture and installation of laboratory furniture equipment, part. 43.32

Manufacture of kitchen furniture

Activity code 31.02
Includes: - production of kitchen furniture

Manufacture of mattresses

Activity code 31.03
Includes: - mattress production: * mattresses with springs, filled or internally equipped with supporting materials * uncoated mattresses made of foam rubber or plastics - production of auxiliary mattresses. Does not include: - production of inflatable mattresses and "water beds", part. 22.19

Manufacture of other furniture

Activity code 31.09
Includes: - production of sofas and sofa sets - production of garden chairs and seating sets - production of furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, gardens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. - production of closets for sewing machines, televisions, etc. - finishing (such as chair upholstery) - finishing furniture (such as spraying, painting, French polishing and upholstery). Does not include: - production of pillows, small upholstered chairs without backs, decorative pillows, blankets i perina, del. 13.92 - production of sanitary ceramic products, part. 23.42 production of concrete benches, etc., part. 23.69 manufacture of tables, stone benches, etc., part. 23.70 - manufacture of lamps and lighting equipment, part. 27.40 - manufacture of seats for cars, trains and airplanes, part. 29.32, 30.20 and 30.30 - repair and restoration of furniture, part. 95.24
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