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Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Branch 35.1 – Production, transmission and distribution of electricity

Production of electricity

Activity code 35.11
Includes production: - electricity in hydroelectric power plants - electricity in thermal power plants and heating plants using solid, liquid and gaseous fuels or supply from other renewable energy sources - electricity in nuclear power plants - electricity in solar and wind power plants - electricity in power plants for combined production of electricity and heat Energy. Does not include: - production of electricity by waste incineration, part. 38.21

Transmission of electricity

Activity code 35.12
Includes: - transmission network management and electricity transmission to distribution systems. Does not include: - construction of transmission lines, part. 42.22

Electricity distribution

Activity code 35.13
Includes: - management of the distribution network and distribution of electricity received from power plant or transmission system to the consumer

Electricity trade

Activity code 35.14
Includes: - sale of electricity to customers - activity of traders, market intermediaries or agents who trade in electricity energy through an energy distribution system managed by others

Branch 35.2 – Gas production and distribution of gaseous fuels through mains

Gas production

Activity code 35.21
Includes production: - gas by dry distillation of coal or from by-products of agriculture or waste - gaseous fuels of a certain calorific value from different types of gases: by cleaning, mixing or other processes, including natural gas. Does not include: - extraction of natural gas, part. 06.20 - operation of coke ovens, part. 19.10 - production of petroleum products, part. 19.20 - production of technical gases, part. 20.11

Distribution of gaseous fuels through mains

Activity code 35.22
Includes: - distribution and supply of gas fuels of all types through the gas pipeline. Does not include: - gas pipeline transport (except distribution network), part. 49.50

Trade in gaseous fuels through mains

Activity code 35.23
Includes: - sale of gas to customers through the gas network - the activity of traders, market intermediaries or agents who trade in gaseous fuels through a gas distribution system operated by others. Does not include: - wholesale of gaseous fuels, part. 46.71 - retail sale of bottled gas, part. 47.78 - direct sale of fuel, part. 47.99

Branch 35.3 – Steam supply and air conditioning

Steam supply and air conditioning

Activity code 35.30
Includes production: - and distribution of steam and hot water for heating and for other purposes - and distribution of cold air and water - ice for food cooling and non-food purposes
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