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Creative, artistic and entertainment activities

Creative, artistic and entertainment activities

Branch 90.0 – Creative, arts and entertainment activities

Performing arts

Activity code 90.01
Includes: - setting up theater and opera and dance programs / performances, preparation of performances music programs (concerts), as well as other types of stage performances: * activities of theater troupes, groups, orchestras or music groups and circuses * activities of independent artists such as actors, dancers, musicians and hosts. Does not include: - activities of theater and artistic agents representing artists or agencies, del. 74.90 - auditions, part. 78.10

Other performing arts within performing arts

Activity code 90.02
Includes: - auxiliary activities within the performing arts, theater dance performances, concerts and opera performances and other types of stage performance: - activities of directors, producers, scenographers and stage workers, masters of light - activities of producers or organizers of art events, with stage equipment or without her. Does not include: - activities of theater and artistic agents representing artists or agencies, part. 74.90 - auditions, part. 78.10

Artistic creation

Activity code 90.03
Includes: - activities of independent artists such as sculptors, painters, cartoonists, cartoonists, engravers, copper engravers, lithographers, etc. - activities of writers, in all fields, including fiction, technical texts, etc. - activities of freelance journalists (art critics) - conservation and restoration of works of art such as paintings, films, books. Does not include: - making statues, except works of art (sculpture), part. 23.70 - restoration of organs and other historical musical instruments, part. 33.19 - film and video production, part 59.11 and 59.12 - furniture restoration (excluding renovations carried out in museums), part. 95.24

Work of art institutions

Activity code 90.04
Includes: - activities of concert and theater halls and other art institutions - activity of pupil and student cultural centers. Does not include: showing cinematographic works, part. 59.14 - activities of ticket sales and reservation agencies, del. 79.90 - work of museums of all kinds, part. 91.02
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