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Agricultural production, hunting and related service activities

Agricultural production, hunting and related service activities

Branch 01.1 – Growing of annual and biennial plants

Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oilseeds

Activity code 01.11
Includes cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds outdoors. The cultivation of these crops can often be combined with the cultivation of other crops. This includes: - cultivation of cereals: durum and soft wheat, rye, millet, barley, oats, corn, sorghum, etc. (semolina, breadcrumbs, triticale) - cultivation of leguminous vegetables: peas, beans, beans, lentils, etc. - cultivation of oilseeds: sunflower, peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, licorice, flax, castor et al. Does not include: - rice cultivation, part. 01.12 - cultivation of maize (sugar), del. 01.13 - cultivation of maize for livestock feed, del. 01.19 - Oilseed cultivation, del. 01.26

Growing of rice

Activity code 01.12
Includes: rice cultivation

Growing of vegetables, bostans, roots and tubers

Activity code 01.13
Includes: - cultivation of leafy and stem vegetables: * artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, lettuce and chicory, spinach and the like - growing vegetables with fruits: * blue tomatoes, tomatoes, bostans, gherkins, zucchini, peppers and more vegetables with fruits - cultivation of onion and root vegetables: * carrots, beets, onions and leeks, garlic and other onions and root vegetables - growing edible mushrooms and truffles - cultivation of vegetable and sugar beet seeds (does not include seed of other species beets) - cultivation of sugar beet - cultivation of other vegetables - cultivation of root and tuber plants such as: * potatoes and other root crops with a high content of starch or inulin * cassava, yam (tropical carrots) and other carrots. Does not include: - cultivation of pepperoni, peppers and other spicy, aromatic and medicinal herbs, del. 01.28 - mushroom cultivation for mushrooms, del. 01.30

Growing of sugar cane

Activity code 01.14
Does not include: - sugar beet cultivation, del. 01.13

Tobacco growing

Activity code 01.15
Does not include: - production of tobacco products, del. 12.00

Growing plants for fiber production

Activity code 01.16
Includes: - cotton cultivation - cultivation of jute, flax, hemp and other plants for the production of textile filamentary fibers - cultivation of sisal and other agave textile plants - cultivation of abaca, ramie and other plants for the production of textile fibers - the cultivation of other fibers producing plants

Growing of other annual and biennial plants

Activity code 01.19
Includes: - cultivation of forage plants: fodder beet, clover, alfalfa, maize for livestock feeding, other grass, fodder kale and other livestock plants - Buckwheat cultivation - production of beet seed and other fodder plants (except beet seed) - the cultivation of flowers, cut flowers and buds - flower seed production. Does not include: - cultivation of spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs, del. 01.28

Branch 01.2 – Growing perennial plants

Growing of grapes

Activity code 01.21
Includes: - cultivation of wine and table grape varieties. Does not include: - wine production, del. 11.02

Growing tropical and subtropical fruits

Activity code 01.22
Includes: - the cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruits such as: * avocado * banana * urme * figs * papaya, mango, pineapple and other tropical and subtropical fruits

Citrus cultivation

Activity code 01.23
Includes: - citrus cultivation: * lemon and grapefruit * oranges * tangerines * other citrus fruits

Growing of apple and stone fruit

Activity code 01.24
Includes: - the cultivation of fruits such as: apples, pears, apricots, plums, quince, cherries, cherries, peaches, nectarines and other apple and stone fruits

Growing of other tree, bush and kernel fruits

Activity code 01.25
Includes: - cultivation of berries: * blueberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, blackberries, raspberries and other berries - kiwi cultivation - the cultivation of edible kernels: * nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, homemade chestnuts, pistachios and other kernels - cultivation of other woody and shrubs. Does not include: - coconut cultivation, del. 01.26

Oilseed cultivation

Activity code 01.26
Includes: - the cultivation of olives for the production of oil and for immediate consumption - cultivation of coconut and oil palm fruits - cultivation of fruits of other types of oilseeds. Does not include: - cultivation of soybeans, peanuts and other oil seeds, del. 01.11

Growing of beverage preparation plants

Activity code 01.27
Includes: - cultivation of plants for the preparation of beverages such as: coffee, cocoa, tea, mate, etc.

Growing of spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs

Activity code 01.28
Includes: - cultivation of annual and perennial aromatic plants: * pepper, capers, peppers, nutmeg, vanilla, hops * laurel, basil, anise, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc. * cultivation of narcotic plants

Growing of other perennial plants

Activity code 01.29
Includes: - growing rubber trees - the cultivation of Christmas and ornamental trees - growing trees to produce juice. Does not include: - picking flowers, producing cut flowers, bulbs and flower seeds, del. 01.19 - collection of juice from trees or resin in the forest, del. 02.30

Branch 01.3 – Growing of planting stock

Growing of planting stock

Activity code 01.30
Includes the production of all vegetative propagation material, including cuttings, sprouts and seedlings for direct propagation or rootstocks: - cultivation of seedlings - the cultivation of ornamental plants, including plants with bushen - cultivation of bulbs, tubers, spools and pellets - cultivation of mycelium for fungi - activity of nurseries, except nurseries for afforestation. Does not include: - cultivation of seed production plants, del. 01.1 and 01.2 - activity of forest nurseries, del. 02.10

Branch 01.4 – Animal breeding

Raising of dairy cows

Activity code 01.41
Includes: - raising and breeding dairy cows - production of raw cow's and buffalo's milk. Does not include: - milk processing, part. 10.51

Raising of other bovine animals and buffaloes

Activity code 01.42
Includes: - breeding cattle and buffaloes for meat production - obtaining bull seed for breeding

Breeding horses and other equines

Activity code 01.43
Includes: - breeding and selection of horses, donkeys, mules and mules. Does not include: - activities of barns for racing and riding horses, del. 93.19

Growing camels and llamas

Activity code 01.44
Includes: - breeding and breeding of camels, llamas and other camel animals

Raising of sheep and goats

Activity code 01.45
Includes: - breeding and breeding of sheep and goats - production of raw wool - the production of raw sheep's or goat's milk. Does not include: - haircut sheep for compensation, del. 01.62 - Manufacture of wool, del. 10.11 - milk processing, part. 10.51

Raising of pigs

Activity code 01.46
Does not include: - Raw pigskin production in slaughterhouses, del. 10.12

Raising of poultry

Activity code 01.47
Includes: - breeding and selection of poultry such as: * hens, ducks, geese, turkeys, floats, etc. - egg production - production of day-old chicks in incubators. Does not include: - breeding ostriches and other birds, del. 01.49 - feather and down production, del. 10.12

Raising of other animals

Activity code 01.49
Includes: - breeding of semi-domesticated and other animals: * birds other than poultry * insects * rabbits - bee breeding and honey and beeswax production - breeding animals for fur production and raw fur production - reindeer and roe deer breeding - obtaining raw unhindered skins - silkworm rearing and production of silkworm cocoon - breeding pets (except fish): cats, dogs, birds (parrots, canaries, etc.), and hamsters - cultivation of earthworms and snails - breeding of non-mentioned animals. Does not include: - poultry farming, del. 01.47 - animal husbandry services, del. 01.62 - Obtaining animal skin by hunting and denim, del. 01.70 - breeding on frog farms, crocodile farms, etc., del. 03.21 and 03.22 - pond activity, del. 03.21 and 03.22 - obtaining raw hides and skins in slaughterhouses, del. 10.12 - Pet care and dressing, del. 96.09

Branch 01.5 – Mixed agricultural production

Mixed agricultural production

Activity code 01.50
It covers the combined production of plants and animals, without specialized production of one or the other. Production volume is not the deciding factor for determining the type of activity. If one of the production, vegetable or livestock, exceeds 66% of the total income, then such activity is classified as vegetable or livestock. Does not include: mixed plant cultivation, del. 01.1 and 01.2 mixed animal breeding, del. 01.4

Branch 01.6 – Agricultural and post-harvest service activities

Services for growing crops and plantations

Activity code 01.61
Includes: crop and planting services for a fee: land preparation sowing and planting regular care of crops and plantings dusting crops and plantings, including airborne dusting the destruction of pests pruning fruit and vines transplanting rice, thinning beets, etc. the harvest storage of crops handling irrigation equipment maintaining farmland in good agricultural and ecological condition provision of agricultural machinery and associated labor. Does not include: post-harvest activities, del. 01.63 land drainage, del. 43.12 landscape architecture, del. 71.11 providing business and professional advice to agronomists, del. 74.90 landscaping and maintenance of the environment, parks, gardens and green spaces, del. 81.30 organizing agricultural exhibitions and fairs, del. 82.30

Support activities for animal husbandry

Activity code 01.62
Includes: animal husbandry services for a fee: improving the breeding and growth of animals and improving the quantity and quality of animal products artificial insemination, herd control, herd service, livestock breeding, poultry farming, poultry cleaning, etc. cattle and herd testing services sheep shearing housing and keeping livestock potkivanje. Does not include: renting barns for housing animals, del. 68.20 veterinary services and animal vaccination, del. 75.00 rental of animals, del. 77.39 pet care (dog boarding, etc.), del. 96.09

Post-harvest activities

Activity code 01.63
Includes: preparation of products for the market (cleaning, peeling and sorting) cleaning cotton preparation of tobacco leaves and drying cocoa bean preparation and peeling coating the fruit with wax. Does not include: preparation of agricultural products by the producer himself, del. 01.1, 01.2 and 01.3 post-harvest activity to improve seed quality, del. 01.64 washing and re-drying tobacco leaves, del. 12.00 marketing and mediation of trade and cooperative organizations, del. 46.11 wholesale of agricultural raw materials, del. 46.2

Seed dressing

Activity code 01.64
It covers all activities related to improving the quality of seed, such as: cleaning, sorting and processing of seeds until sale, including genetically modified seeds. Does not include: cultivation of seed production plants, del. 01.1 and 01.2 seed processing for the production of oil, del. 10.41 research and development on new seed, del. 72.11

Branch 01.7 – Hunting, denim and related service activities

Hunting, denim and related service activities

Activity code 01.70
Includes: wildlife surveillance and conservation hunting and trapping for commercial purposes capturing wildlife for food, fur, leather, research purposes, zoos or pets treatment of hides, reptiles or birds' skins from trapped or trapped animals catching marine mammals offshore, such as walruses and seals. Does not include: obtaining leather, fur and feathers from farmed animals, del. 01.4 farm game farming, del. 01.49 whaling, part. 03.11 obtaining raw hides and skins from slaughtered animals in slaughterhouses, del. 10.11 sport and recreational hunting, del. 93.19 service activities related to the promotion of hunting and denim, del. 94.9
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