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Protective and investigative activities

Protective and investigative activities

Branch 80.1 – Private security activities

Private security activities

Activity code 80.10
It includes one or more of the following services: protection and patrolling, collection and transfer of money, documents and other valuables with the help of staff and equipment to protect these valuables during the transfer. Includes services: - use of armored vehicles - providing physical protection - use of lie detectors - fingerprinting - protection. Does not include: - ensuring public order and general security, part. 84.24

Branch 80.2 – Security system services

Security system services

Activity code 80.20
Includes: - monitoring and remote monitoring of electronic security alarm systems such as burglar and fire alarms, including their installation and maintenance - installation, maintenance, repair and adjustment of mechanical or electronic locking devices, security safes connected to close and remote monitoring Units performing these activities may be engaged in the sale of security systems, mechanical or electronic locking devices, security and safety safes. Does not include: - installation of security systems such as burglar and fire alarms, without subsequent monitoring, part. 43.21 - retail sale of protective systems, mechanical or electronic devices on locking, safety and security safes in specialized shops, without supervision, installation and maintenance services, part. 47.59 - providing safety advice, part. 74.90 - ensuring public order and general security, part. 84.24 - duplicate key making services, part. 95.29

Branch 80.3 – Investigation activities

Investigation activities

Activity code 80.30
Includes: - investigative and detective services - activities of all private investigators, regardless of when and what they are investigating
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