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Office-administrative and other auxiliary business activities

Office-administrative and other auxiliary business activities

Branch 82.1 – Office administrative and support service activities

Combined office-administrative services

Activity code 82.11
It includes day-to-day office-administrative services such as receiving mail, financial planning, invoicing and document storage, delivery and logistics for others, for a fee. Does not include: - units specialized in performing only one of the activities listed above - providing business staff, part. 78

Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office support

Activity code 82.19
Includes copying, document preparation and other specialized activities that support office operations: - preparation of documents - correction and review of documents - typing and word processing - secretarial support services - copying documents and other secretarial services - typing and typing letters - mail processing (sorting, addressing, etc.), except for direct mail advertising - photocopying - copying - diazocopy - other document copying services, without the provision of printing services (eg offset printing, express printing, digital printing and prepress services). Does not include: - printing of documents (offset printing, fast printing, etc.), part. 18.12 - prepress services, part. 18.13 direct mail advertising, part. 73.11 - specialized shorthand services, part. 82.99 - shorthand services, part. 82.99

Branch 82.2 – Activity of call centers

Activity of call centers

Activity code 82.20
Includes: - Incoming call centers, where the operator's calls are answered by the operator or automatic call distribution is used, integrated computer-telephone systems, interactive voice systems or similar methods for receiving orders, providing product information, answering customer questions or resolving complaints - outbound call centers, where similar methods are used to sell and promote goods, and service to potential consumers and conduct research or public opinion polls and perform similar activities for users

Branch 82.3 – Organization of meetings and fairs

Organization of meetings and fairs

Activity code 82.30
It includes the organization, promotion and / or management of fairs during fairs, congresses, conferences and meetings, regardless of whether staff services are provided to organize events and equip the space in which they are held.

Branch 82.9 – Business, support, service and other activities

Activity of debt collection agencies and credit bureaus

Activity code 82.91
Includes: - collection of receivables and remittance of collected receivables, such as services for collection of bills of exchange and debts - obtaining information on the creditworthiness and employment history of the client and creditworthiness of units, as well as providing such information to financial institutions, retailers and others to assess the creditworthiness of these persons and units

Packaging services

Activity code 82.92
Includes: - packaging services for someone else's account, regardless of whether the automatic procedure is included: * bottling liquids, including drinks and food * packaging of solid products (packaging in nylon with bubbles, wrapping with foil etc.) * protected packaging for pharmaceutical preparations * labeling, marking and embossing * packing shipments and wrapping gifts. Does not include: - production of soft drinks and production of mineral water, part. 11.07 - packing within traffic activity, part. 52.29

Other business support service activities

Activity code 82.99
It includes service activities such as: - providing reports and transcripts, transcripts and other similar services - simultaneous translation of television broadcasts of meetings and congresses - bar code preparation services - bar code marking services - meter reading for water, electricity, gas, etc. - confiscation services for forced collection - parking fee services - activities of independent auction managers - customer loyalty program application services (loyalty marketing, special discounts etc.) - unmentioned business service activities. Does not include: - document rendering services, part. 82.19 - post-production editing services, part. 59.12
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