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Facility and environment maintenance services

Facility and environment maintenance services

Branch 81.1 – Facility maintenance services

Facility maintenance services

Activity code 81.10
It includes a combination of facility maintenance services, which include cleaning, maintenance, waste disposal, storage and protection, mail delivery, laundry and similar services within the facility. Ancillary activities are performed by support staff who are not involved in the performance of the main activities of service users and which is not responsible for it. Does not include: - provision of only one of the ancillary services (eg only internal cleaning services) - provision of services of management and working staff for the purpose of full operation of the unit owned by the service user, e.g. hotels, restaurants, mines, hospitals - ensuring the functioning of the client's computer system and / or processing device data, part. 62.03 - work of prisons and penitentiaries for compensation, part. 84.23

Branch 81.2 – Cleaning services

Regular building cleaning services

Activity code 81.21
Includes: - regular cleaning of all types of facilities such as: * offices * houses or apartment buildings * factories * actions * institutions These activities are mainly related to internal cleaning, although they may include external cleaning (eg windows or aisles). Does not include: - specialized cleaning (eg windows, chimneys, fireplaces, greenhouses, boiler rooms, large furnaces, boilers, ventilation passages and exhaust devices), part. 81.22

Other cleaning services for buildings and equipment

Activity code 81.22
Includes: - external cleaning of all types of buildings, including offices, factories, shops and other business buildings and residential buildings - specialized cleaning of buildings, such as washing windows and greenhouses, cleaning chimneys, fireplaces, boiler rooms, large stoves, boilers, ventilation passages and exhaust devices - cleaning of industrial machines - other cleaning of buildings and industrial equipment, not elsewhere specified or included. Does not include: - steam cleaning, sandblasting and similar works on the exterior of the building, part. 43.99

Other cleaning services

Activity code 81.29
Includes: - cleaning and maintenance of the pool - cleaning of trains, buses and planes - cleaning of tanks and tankers - disinfection of buildings and destruction of pests - collecting and removing bottles from the streets - street cleaning, snow and ice removal - cleaning activities not elsewhere specified or included. Does not include: - protection against pests in agriculture, part. 01.61 - car cleaning and washing, part. 45.20

Branch 81.3 – Landscaping and maintenance services

Landscaping and maintenance services

Activity code 81.30
Includes: - arrangement and maintenance of parks and gardens for: * private houses and apartment buildings * public buildings (schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, churches, etc.) * city green areas and cemeteries * greenery along roads (roads, railways and tram rails, navigable canals, ports) * industrial and commercial buildings - arrangement and maintenance of greenery and sports fields for: * buildings (roof gardens, greenery on facades, home gardens, etc.) * sports fields (football fields, golf courses, etc.), playgrounds, sunbathing lawns and other green areas for recreation * shores around water surfaces (bays, alternating wetlands, artificial lakes, pools, canals, riverbeds, factory wastewater) - planting trees for protection against noise, wind, erosion, etc. Does not include: - commercial production and planting of plants, part. 01 and 02 - nurseries of trees and forest trees, part. 01.30 and 02.10 - maintenance of land for agricultural use in good ecological condition, del. 01.61 - construction of green areas, sector F - urban planning, part. 71.11
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