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Branch 55.1 – Hotels and similar accommodation

Hotels and similar accommodation

Activity code 55.10
It includes the provision of accommodation services, as a rule on a daily or weekly basis, primarily for a shorter stay of visitors. It also includes accommodation in furnished rooms or apartments. Accommodation services here include daily room cleaning and bed linen. The range of additional services may also include food and beverage preparation and serving services, parking, laundry, use of swimming pools, exercise rooms, recreation facilities, holding conferences, congresses, conventions, etc. Includes accommodation services in: - hotels - tourist resorts - motels - rural tourist households - handicraft facilities - other facilities for tourist accommodation. Does not include: - accommodation services in houses and furnished or unfurnished apartments or apartments for longer stays, rented, as a rule, on a monthly or annual basis, part. 68

Branch 55.2 – Resorts and similar facilities for short stays

Resorts and similar facilities for short stays

Activity code 55.20
It includes short-stay accommodation services, usually on a daily or weekly basis. Visitors have at their disposal a space intended for independent use, which consists of fully equipped rooms, or a space for living / dining and sleeping, with cooking appliances or a fully equipped kitchen. These can be apartments or flats in smaller, separate multi-storey buildings, in bungalows, huts, holiday homes or settlements, etc. Additional services, if provided at all, are minimal. Includes accommodation in: - children's, pupils 'and students' resorts - apartments and bungalows - rural houses, log cabins, without maintenance service - youth hotels and mountain lodges. Does not include: - accommodation services for short stays in hotels and similar accommodation, del. 55.10 - leasing of houses and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments, for a longer period residence, as a rule on the basis of monthly or annual lease, part. 68

Branch 55.3 – Camping, caravan and camping activities

Camping, caravans and caravans

Activity code 55.30
Includes: - accommodation services for short stay of visitors in camps, camps for caravans, recreational and hunting and fishing camps - renting out space and facilities for recreational vehicles - accommodation services in shelters or outdoors (bivouac) intended for setting up tents and / or sleeping bags. Does not include: - accommodation services for short stays in mountain lodges, log cabins and hostels, del. 55.20

Branch 55.9 – Other accommodation

Other accommodation

Activity code 55.90
Includes temporary or long-term accommodation services for pupils and students. Students are provided with accommodation, food and educational work, and students with accommodation and food. Includes: - student and student dormitories - workers' hostels - railway sleeping cars.
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