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Change the name of the shop

Change the name of the shop


Register renaming an action with our support, quickly and efficiently.

Creating a strong first impression can significantly affect the business, and the business name, as an important part of the entrepreneur’s identity, must not be an obstacle to success.

A new name is the best way to refresh your business

When registering an entrepreneur, a decision on a business name is often made quickly, although a specific name within a business name, among other elements, is one of the most deserving factors for creating a business identity. If you are not satisfied with the name of your entrepreneurial business, the change procedure is very simple and not demanding. Do you want to register a change of name of your store?

What does the process look like?

How does Direct help you register change quickly and efficiently?

04 steps

Provide data
You submit all data via the online form with the consent for processing.
Start the procedure
Make a payment
Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive instructions for payment for the ordered service to your email address.
Start the procedure
Sign the documentation
Within 24 hours of recording your payment, we will provide you with documentation ready for verification.
Start the procedure
Download the solution
We deliver the decision on the registered change of entrepreneurial activity first to you online, and then by mail.
Start the procedure

You need a consultation regarding
by registering a change of action name?

If you have a specific situation related to the change of name of the entrepreneur, it is best to consult with our consultants before initiating the procedure of registration of the change.

Is the new action name free to register?

Before starting the procedure for changing the name, make sure that the form of the new name is free for registration. Submit a name proposal to us in the desired form and you will receive quick feedback on whether the name is available and to what extent you need to modify it if it is not free. Count on our professional support and consulting when choosing a new name, as part of our service for registration of changing the name of the store.

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    Save money

    Register multiple changes at once

    If you need to change the address of the registered office or the predominant activity in addition to changing the name of the entrepreneur, you can register them all at the same time. This way you gain in efficiency and great money savings. If you make several changes in one registration cycle, each subsequent change is charged at a 50% lower price. When ordering the service for registration of name change, you have the option for additional changes within the form, and our online calculator will calculate the exact amount of our service with the included fees of the Business Registers Agency for all changes.
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    Business name change
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Name change fees
    • Conducting the procedure
    • Download solutions
    • Monitoring the status of cases
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    Follow the registration process

    Our clients get access to a case status tracking system to keep up to date with the procedure

    We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your procedure of changing the name of the action, from starting the procedure to downloading the documentation in electronic form and organizing further steps.
    Is it possible to reserve the name of the entrepreneur?
    The Law on the Registration Procedure with the Business Registers Agency provides for this possibility. It is necessary to submit an application for the reservation of the name to the competent register with proof of payment of the fee and wait for the decision.
    Can the name of the entrepreneur be in a foreign language?
    The name of the entrepreneur can be in a foreign language, ie it can contain foreign words, as well as numbers. This option, however, only applies to the name, not the rest of the business name. A translation of the name can also be registered.
    Can there be another name in the abbreviated name?
    No. The name in the abbreviated business name must be the same as stated in the full business name. When you register a name change, a new full name is given, as well as an abbreviated one, if you wish.
    How long does it take to change a business name?
    Once you provide us with the information and make the payment, we need to send you the documents to sign 24 hours a day. When the application is submitted, the deadline for deciding is 5 working days in the maximum period.
    Are there any restrictions on the choice of name?
    The name must be free for registration, ie it must not be the same or similar to an already registered entrepreneur. It must not insult morals, nor contain abusive words. Also, it must not be misleading as to the legal form.
    Does the business name have to contain a description of the activity?
    The description of the activity is an obligatory part of the business name of the entrepreneur only if there is a name. In addition to the description of the predominant activity, a description of other activities that will be performed as secondary activities can usually be given.
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