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Repair of computers and personal and household goods

Repair of computers and personal and household goods

Branch 95.1 – Repair of computers and communication equipment

Repair of computers and peripheral equipment

Activity code 95.11
Includes: - repair of electronic equipment such as computers, calculating machines and related equipment: * desktop, laptop, magnetic disks, chips and other built-in elements, optical disks (CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R), printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, joysticks, balls for computer mice, internal and external computing modems, dedicated terminals, servers, scanners, card readers, virtual reality helmets, computer projectors, etc. It also includes the repair and maintenance of computer terminals such as ATMs, bar code reading terminals (POSs) and PDAs. Does not include: - repair and maintenance of modem equipment carriers, part. 95.12

Repair of communication equipment

Activity code 95.12
Includes repair and maintenance of communication equipment such as: - cordless and mobile telephones, modem equipment carriers, fax machines, communication equipment (eg routers, connectors, modems) two-way radio, professional television and video cameras

Branch 95.2 – Repair of personal and household goods

Repair of consumer electronics

Activity code 95.21
Includes repair and maintenance of electronic devices: * TV, radio, video recorder (VCR), CD player, video camera for amateur use, etc.

Repair of household appliances and home and garden equipment

Activity code 95.22
Includes repair and maintenance of household appliances and home and garden equipment: * refrigerator, stove, washing machine, clothes dryer, air conditioner, etc. * mowers, side mowers, leaf and snow blowers, hedge maintenance machines etc. Does not include: - repair of hand-held power tools, part. 33.12 - repair of central air-conditioning systems, part. 43.22

Repair of footwear and leather goods

Activity code 95.23
Includes repair and maintenance of footwear and leather goods: - boots, shoes, leather suitcases and similar items - adjusting heels

Maintenance and repair of furniture

Activity code 95.24
Includes: - re-upholstery, finishing, repair and renovation of furniture and equipment in the house, including office furniture

Repair of watches and jewelery

Activity code 95.25
Includes: - repair of clocks, alarm clocks and their parts, e.g. housings of all types of materials, moving parts of clocks, chronometers, etc. - jewelry repair. Does not include: industrial engraving of metal, part. 25.61 - repair of stopwatches, time / date indicators, time locks and the like instrument for measuring and expressing time, part. 33.13

Repair of other personal and household goods

Activity code 95.29
Includes repair of personal items and household items: * bicycles * clothes * sports equipment (except sports weapons) and camping equipment * a book * musical instruments (excluding organs and historical instruments) * toys and similar things * other items for personal and household use - piano tuning. Does not include: - repair and maintenance of hand-held power tools, part. 33.12 - repair of sports and recreational weapons, part. 33.12
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