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Exploitation of metal ores

Exploitation of metal ores

Branch 07.1 – Exploitation of iron ores

Mining of iron ores

Activity code 07.10
Includes: - exploitation of iron ore - iron ore preparation processes - agglomeration of iron ores in the exploitation field. Does not include: - exploitation and preparation of pyrite and pyrrhotite ores, del. 08.91

Branch 07.2 – Exploitation of other metal ores

Mining of uranium and thorium ores

Activity code 07.21
Includes: - exploitation and preparation processes of uranium and thorium ores - production of yellow cake. Does not include: - enrichment of uranium and thorium ores, part. 20.13 - production of uranium metal from uranium oxide, part. 24.46 - smelting and refining of uranium, part. 24.46

Exploitation of other ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and other metals

Activity code 07.29
Includes: - exploitation and preparation of other ores of ferrous, non-ferrous, light, alloying, precious and rare metals: * manganese, chromium, titanium, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, bismuth, tungsten, tin, copper, molybdenum, lead and zinc, antimony, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lithium, rubidium and cesium, beryllium, strontium, niobium and tantalum, circo and hafnium, scandium, germanium, rhenium, thallium, gallium, cadmium, indium, selenium and tellurium, as well as a group of rare earth elements * gold, silver and platinum group of metals (platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium). Does not include: - Exploitation and preparation of uranium and thorium ores, del. 07.21 - production of alumina from bauxite, del. 24.42 - Manufacture of nickel and copper sulphate, del. 24.44 and 24.45
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