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Manufacture of leather and leather goods

Manufacture of leather and leather goods

Branch 15.1 – Tanning and dressing of leather; production of passenger and handbags and belts; finishing and dyeing of fur

Tanning and dressing of leather; finishing and dyeing of fur

Activity code 15.11
Includes: - tanning, dyeing and finishing of leather - production of suede, parchment, lacquered or metallized leather - production of composite leather on a natural basis - fur and fur finishing: scraping, combing, tanning, bleaching, haircuts, tearing and staining. Does not include: - Raw leather production, del. 01.4 - production of raw hides and skins in slaughterhouses, part. 10.11 - manufacture of leather garments, del. 14.11 - production of imitation leather not based on natural leather, part. 22.19 and 22.29 (napolice, krupnika, triticale) - Growing leguminous vegetables: peas, beans, beans, lentils, etc. - cultivation of oilseeds: sunflower, peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, mustard, flax, castor oil, etc. Does not include: - rice cultivation, part. 01.12 - cultivation of maize (sugar), del. 01.13 - Maize cultivation for livestock feeding, part. 01.19 - cultivation of oilseeds, part. 01.26

Manufacture of traveling and handbags, etc., sarak products and belts

Activity code 15.12
Includes: - the manufacture of luggage, handbags and similar articles of leather, imitation leather or materials such as plastic film, textile, volcanic fiber and cardboard, if any applies the same technology as for the skin - production of saddlery products and belts manufacture of watch straps from non-metallic materials - manufacture of various articles of leather or of composition leather: drive belts, seals etc. for technical purposes - production of saddlery items made of leather and riding equipment - production of leather shoelaces. Does not include: - manufacture of leather garments, del. 14.11 - manufacture of leather gloves and headgear, part. 14.19 - footwear manufacture, del. 15.20 - manufacture of bicycle seats, part. 30.92 - manufacture of watches for watches of precious metal, part. 32.12 - Manufacture of watches for non-precious materials, del. 32.13 - production of safety belts, del. 32.99

Branch 15.2 – Manufacture of footwear

Manufacture of footwear

Activity code 15.20
Includes: - production of footwear for all purposes and from all materials, made by any procedure, including molding - production of footwear parts: uppers, outer and inner soles, heels and dr. - production of leggings, etc. product. Does not include production of: - uppers of textile footwear, part. 14.19 - parts of wood for footwear (eg heels and molds), part. 16.29 - rubber parts for footwear, part. 22.19 - plastic parts for footwear, part. 22.29 - ski boot, part. 32.30 - Orthopedic footwear, del. 32.50
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