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Health activities

Health activities

Branch 86.1 – Hospital activities

Hospital activity

Activity code 86.10
Includes: - diagnostic activities, short-term or long-term treatment in hospitals (such as general hospitals, special hospitals, clinics, institutes, clinical-hospital centers, clinical centers, non-profit hospitals, military hospitals and prison hospitals) and specialized hospitals (eg for mental health, tuberculosis, non - specific lung diseases and other chronic diseases and conditions, rehabilitation, etc.) Activities are predominantly targeted at hospitalized patients and include: * services of medical and non-medical staff * laboratory and technical services, including radiological and anesthetic services etc. * emergency services * hospital pharmacy services, food services and other hospital services * medical treatment services such as sterilization or termination of pregnancy, with accommodation- jem * activities within day hospitals. Does not include: - laboratory testing and control of all types of materials and products, except medical, del. 71.20 veterinary activities, part. 75.00 - medical care of military personnel in the field, part. 84.22 - dental activities of general and specialized nature, eg: dentistry, endodontic and pediatric dentistry; oral pathology and orthodontic activities, etc. del. 86.23 - activity of medical laboratories, part. 86.90 - transport by ambulance, part. 86.90

Branch 86.2 – Medical and dental practice

General medical practice

Activity code 86.21
Includes: - medical counseling and treatment in the field of general medicine performed by general practitioners - protection in the field of general medicine performed by general practitioners. Does not include: - hospital activity, part. 86.10 - activities performed by nurses and health technicians, part. 86.90

Specialist medical practice

Activity code 86.22
Includes: - medical consultations and treatment in the field of specialist branches of medicine by specialist doctors - services of a family planning center, without accommodation. Does not include: - hospital activities, part. 86.10 - activities of nurses and health technicians, part. 86.90

Dental practice

Activity code 86.23
Includes: - dental activity of general and specialist practice, e.g. dentistry, endodontic and pediatric dentistry, orthodontic activities, oral surgery, etc. Does not include: - production of artificial teeth, dentures and prosthetic accessories in dental laboratories, del. 32.50 - hospital activity, part. 86.10 - activities of dental staff, such as dental nurses and dental technicians del. 86.90

Branch 86.9 – Other health care

Other health care

Activity code 86.90
Includes: - health care not provided by doctors of medicine and dentists in hospitals: * activities of nurses and health technicians in health care institutions and private practice, including methods and procedures of traditional medicine; health associates (eg special educator, speech therapist, psychologist, biologist, chemist, physicist, etc.) in health care institutions. These activities are performed in health clinics and surgeries within companies, schools, nursing homes, workers' and social organizations, as well as in private surgeries (except hospitals), the patient's apartment or elsewhere. Includes: - activities of medical laboratories for: * blood analysis, medical or clinical biochemistry, microbiology, pathohistology; * dental technique; - activities of blood, sperm and organ transplant banks, etc. - ambulance transport of patients, ambulance, including transport by air; these services are often provided during emergency medical interventions. Does not include: - production of artificial teeth, dentures and prosthetic accessories by dental laboratories, del. 32.50 - transport of patients, without life-saving equipment and without medical staff, part. 49-51 non - medical laboratory testing, part. 71.20 - food safety testing, part. 71.20 - hospital activities, part. 86.10 - health and dental practice, part. 86.2 - homes for the elderly with medical care, part. 87.10
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