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Specialized construction works

Specialized construction works

Branch 43.1 – Demolition and site preparation

Demolition of buildings

Activity code 43.11
Includes: - demolition and dismantling of buildings and other structures

Preparatory construction sites

Activity code 43.12
Includes: - site clearing - earthworks: excavation, embankment, leveling of the terrain, excavation of canals, removal of rocks, blasting, etc. - preparatory works for mining: removal of excavations and other works and preparation of mineral deposits, except land with oil and gas - drainage works on the construction site - drainage works on agricultural or forest land. Does not include: - drilling for the production of crude oil and natural gas, part. 06.10 and 06.20 - soil decontamination, part. 39.00 - drilling and digging of wells, part. 42.21 - excavation of a window, part. 43.99

Testing of the terrain by drilling and probing

Activity code 43.13
Includes: - field testing by drilling and sounding and sampling for field study and construction, as well as for geophysical, geological or other purposes. Does not include: - drilling of exploitation sources of oil or gas, part. 06.10 and 06.20 - auxiliary drilling and drilling testing services during mining activities, part. 09.90 - drilling and digging of wells, part. 42.21 - excavation of a window, part. 43.99 - oil and gas exploration, geophysical, geological and seismic measurements, part. 71.12

Branch 43.2 – Installation works in construction

Installation of electrical installations

Activity code 43.21
Includes installation of electrical systems in all types of buildings and other structures: - installation installation: * electrical lines and connections * telecommunication lines * lines for computer network, cable television, including optical cables * satellite dishes * lighting systems * fire alarms * burglar alarm systems * street lighting and electrical signals * lighting on airport runways - connection of electrical household appliances, including underfloor heating. Does not include: - construction of communication and energy transmission lines, part. 42.22 - monitoring and remote monitoring of electronic security systems, such as burglar alarms and fire protection systems, including their installation and maintenance, part. 80.20

Installation of water supply, sewerage, heating and air conditioning systems

Activity code 43.22
It includes the installation of water, sewage, heating and air conditioning systems, including upgrades, adaptations, maintenance and repairs: - installation in buildings or other structures for: * heating systems (electric, gas or oil) * furnaces (boiler rooms) and cooling towers * solar non-electric collectors * plumbing and sanitary equipment * ventilation and air conditioning equipment and ducts * gas appliances * evaporation tubes * fire protection systems * rotary sprayer systems - excavation of channels for installation works. Does not include: - installation of electric underfloor heating, part. 43.21

Other construction installation

Activity code 43.29
It includes the installation of other equipment (except electrical, plumbing, sewerage) for heating and air conditioning systems or industrial plants in buildings and other structures. Includes: - installation in buildings or other structures for: * elevators and escalators * automatic and revolving doors * lightning rods * vacuum cleaning system * thermal and sound insulation, protection against vibrations, etc. Does not include: installation of industrial machinery, part. 33.20

Branch 43.3 – Final construction and craft works


Activity code 43.31
Includes: - plastering of external and internal surfaces of buildings and other objects and decorative stucco work, including the application of a suitable substrate

Joinery installation

Activity code 43.32
Includes: - installation of doors (except automatic and revolving), windows, door frames and windows of wood or other material - installation of kitchen equipment, cabinets, stairs, shop equipment, etc. - installation of furniture - interior finishing of ceilings, moving parts, etc. Does not include: - installation of automatic and revolving doors, part. 43.29

Installation of floor and wall coverings

Activity code 43.33
Includes: - installation, tiling, furnishing (or cladding) in buildings and other structures: * ceramic, concrete or stone, wall or floor tiles, and covering the kiln with ceramic tiles * parquet and other wood floor coverings, covering the walls with wood * carpets and linoleum floor coverings, including those made of rubber or plastic mass * floor and wall coverings made of terrazzo, marble, granite or slate * wallpaper

Painting and glazing

Activity code 43.34
Includes: - interior and exterior painting of buildings - painting of other buildings - glazing, installation of mirrors, etc. Does not include: - installation of windows, part. 43.32

Other finishing works

Activity code 43.39
Includes: - cleaning of new buildings after construction - other unmentioned finishing works. Does not include: - interior decoration works, part. 74.10 - internal cleaning of buildings and other structures, part. 81.21 - special internal and external cleaning of buildings, part. 81.22

Branch 43.9 – Other specific construction works

Roofing activities

Activity code 43.91
Includes: - raising roofs - roofing. Does not include: - Rental of construction machinery and equipment without operator, part. 77.32

Other construction work

Activity code 43.99
Includes: - specialized construction works that are common to different types of buildings and require the possession of special skills or special equipment: * foundation construction (foundation), including pile driving * installation of insulation against moisture and waterproofing * removal of moisture in buildings * digging windows * installation of industrially produced steel elements that the contractor is not produced * reinforcement * brick and stone masonry * installation and dismantling of scaffolding and work platforms, including work on scaffolding and leased work platforms * erection of chimneys, industrial furnaces, etc. * performing works according to special requirements, for which climbing skills and knowledge of using appropriate equipment are necessary, ie. work on tall objects - performing underground works - construction of outdoor swimming pools - steam cleaning, sandblasting and similar works on the exterior of the building - rental of cranes and other construction equipment that cannot be classified in specific type of construction, together with workers. Does not include: - rental of machinery and equipment for construction or demolition without operator, part. 77.32
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