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Change of shop headquarters

Change of shop headquarters


As soon as you select a new location, we have already registered a change of store location.

If the change of the address of the entrepreneur’s registered office includes a change of place or city, there is an automatic change of the business name in that part, without additional registration.

The entrepreneur can change the seat at any time

You can change the registered office from which you operate in accordance with changes in business at any time. The only obligation is the timely registration of the change. The address of the headquarters can also be the address for receiving mail, and you can also report two addresses. If you do not need an office to work, there is a possibility of renting a virtual office, ie renting an address, with a mandatory signed contract.

What does the process look like?

How does Direkta help you register change quickly and efficiently?

04 steps

Provide data
You submit all data via the online form with the consent for processing.
Start the procedure
Make a payment
Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive instructions for payment for the ordered service to your email address.
Start the procedure
Sign the documentation
Within 24 hours of recording your payment, we will provide you with documentation ready for verification.
Start the procedure
Download the solution
We deliver the decision on the registered change of entrepreneurial activity first to you online, and then by mail.
Start the procedure

You need a consultation regarding
by registering a change of headquarters?

If you have a specific situation related to the change of the entrepreneur’s registered office, it is best to consult with our consultants before initiating the change registration procedure.

Is a virtual office your new headquarters?

The address of residence is usually the seat of the entrepreneur. However, there is a possibility of renting an address, ie a virtual office in many locations within business complexes. Renting an address means that you can register a change of seat at that address and ensures receipt of mail. In addition, there are a number of benefits that are included in rental packages, so if you are interested, share with us your inquiry to get more accurate information.

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    Save money

    Register multiple changes at once

    If you need to change the registered office of the entrepreneur and change the predominant activity or name, you can register them all at the same time. This way you gain in efficiency and great money savings. If you make several changes in one registration cycle, each subsequent change is charged at a 50% lower price. When ordering a change of seat registration service, you have the option to make additional changes in the form, and our online calculator will calculate the exact amount of our service including the fees of the Business Registers Agency for all changes you choose to make at once.
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    Change of shop headquarters
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Seat change fees
    • Conducting the procedure
    • Download solutions
    • Monitoring the status of cases
    Promotional offer with a special price for change of seat is also valid:

    Our clients get access to a system for tracking the status of cases to always be up to date with the procedure.

    We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your procedure of changing the seat of the store, from starting the case to making a decision and downloading the documentation in electronic form.
    Can the headquarters of the store be abroad?
    The seat of the entrepreneur must be on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The basis for registering a registered office at an address is a lease, residence or consent if the family member is the owner of the property.
    Does the seat have to meet any special requirements?
    The place of performance of the activity must meet those conditions which are prescribed as the conditions for the performance of that activity. If you change the activity, pay attention to whether the headquarters meets the conditions for performing this new activity.
    How long does it take to register a change of seat?
    Once you provide us with the information and make the payment, we need to send you the documents to sign 24 hours a day. When the application is submitted, the deadline for deciding is 5 working days in the maximum period.
    Is it necessary to highlight the business name in the headquarters?
    In accordance with the law, the entrepreneur is obliged to clearly display the business name at the address of the headquarters, as well as in each separate place of business, in order to be easily accessible to the delivery of mail or during a visit to the tax control.
    Is it possible to perform activities outside the headquarters?
    The activity can also be performed outside the headquarters with a registered separate place of business located at another address. A separate unit may even have a different activity code from the predominant one registered by the entrepreneur.
    What address does the mail arrive at?
    In case you do not have a registered special address for receiving mail, the mail arrives at the registered address of the headquarters. In addition to the address for receiving mail, the entrepreneur is obliged to report the address for receiving e-mail.
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