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Harmonization of the statute of the sports association

Harmonization of the statute of the sports association


Align your statute with the new law in a quick and easy way

In case you have not yet, in order to continue doing business in accordance with the law, you are obliged to harmonize the statute of your sports association with the new Law on Sports, which applies from February 16, 2016.

Register the change of the statute and continue doing business in accordance with the law

The new Law on Sports has been applied since February 2016 and envisages certain novelties regarding the representatives of the association, the name of the association, the performance of economic activity as well as the deletion of the association from the register. In order to continue performing your sports activities and improve the branch of sports for which you were established, you are obliged to harmonize the statute of your association with this law. Are you ready to change the statute?

What does the process look like?

How does Direkta help you register change quickly and efficiently?

04 steps

Provide data
You submit all data via the online form with the consent for processing.
Start the procedure
Make a payment
Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive instructions for payment for the ordered service to your email address.
Start the procedure
Sign the documentation
Within 24 hours of recording your payment, we will provide you with documentation ready for verification.
Start the procedure
Download the solution
We deliver the decision on the registered change of entrepreneurial activity first to you online, and then by mail.
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You need a consultation regarding
registration of changes to the statute?

If you have a specific situation related to the registration of a change in the statute, it is best to consult with our consultants before initiating the procedure.

Quickly and efficiently to register a statute change

You can start the procedure of registration of the change of the statute, at any time, by contacting our customer support via online chat or ordering a package of services with the provision of all necessary information in order to initiate the procedure.Na ovaj način obezbeđujete brzo pokretanje postupka i stručnu podršku pri dobijanju svih potrebnih informacija o neophodnim koracima koje bi trebalo preduzeti kako biste registrovali promenu statuta u što kraćem roku.

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    Save money

    Multiple changes in one application

    If you need more changes (change of business name with a change of headquarters and activities, for example), our advice is to report them at the same time. This way you get efficiency and great time savings. In addition, we are happy to meet the needs of our clients and we make half the price for each subsequent change. When ordering the service of registration of several simultaneous changes, our online calculator will calculate the exact amount of our service with the included fees of the Business Registers Agency.
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    Change of the statute of the sports association
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    • Monitoring the status of cases
    Promotional offer with a special price for registration of changes to the statute is also valid:
    Track your subject change

    Our clients get access to a system for tracking the status of cases to always be up to date with the procedure

    We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your procedure for registering a change of the statute, from initiating the case to making a decision and downloading the documentation in electronic form.
    How is the statute of the sports association harmonized with the new Law on Sports?
    In order to harmonize the statute with the new law, it is necessary to make a decision on amendments to the statute or to adopt a completely new statute.
    Who decides on changing the statute of a sports association?
    The Assembly decides on the change of the statute of the sports association by a majority vote of the total number of members of the Assembly.
    What is submitted from the documentation during registration?
    During the registration of the change of the statute, the registration application, proof of payment of the fee for registration of the change, the decision of the assembly on the change of the statute, the minutes from the assembly session at which this decision was made and the consolidated text of the statute are submitted.
    Are there any sanctions for exceeding the registration deadline?
    In case you do not register the change in time, you pay an additional fee in the amount of 6,000.00 RSD.
    Is there a deadline for registering a change in the statute?
    There is a deadline and amounts to 15 days from the date of the change.
    How much is the change registration fee?
    The fee for registration of a change is RSD 2,800.00.
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