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Registration of changes in sports associations

Registration of changes in sports associations


Efficiently we conduct processes of registration of all changes for sports associations

How does the process start?
To start the process of registering any change for sports associations, you need to fill out an online data form. The whole process is automated so that you can monitor the status of the process at any time and plan your activities accordingly.
How long does the process take?
All actions necessary for the registration of changes can be realized without the personal presence of the representative. The process of data processing from the form, preparation of documentation and registration itself takes 5-10 working days in the maximum period.
Can multiple changes be made at once?
If there is a need, it is recommended to make several changes in one registration cycle. When several changes are made at once, the fees are reduced, and the deadline for execution is the same as when only one change is made.

Compliance with the Law on Sports

Harmonization of the statute of the sports association

The change related to the harmonization of the statute is mandatory for all sports associations that do not have harmonized acts with the amendments to the Law on Sports, which entered into force in 2016 and includes the registration of a new version of the statute.
Change of association name

Name of the sports association

When you want to change the image of a sports association or create a new, more recognizable identity compared to other sports organizations, consider registering a name change in accordance with the regulations and with mandatory changes to the statute.
Amendments to the statute

Statute of the sports association

All changes regarding the data of the sports association, its bodies, sports, goals and all other important elements regarding membership and association must be defined in the statute, because the statute is the most important act of any sports association.
Change of association representatives

Representative of a sports association

You can transfer the powers of a representative of a sports association to another person at any time by registering a new representative who will sign contracts and be an authorized person. A sports association may have more than one representative.
Report a change of address

The seat of the sports association

You can change the seat of the sports association that you registered when you founded it at any time by registering a new address and appropriate changes in the statute, so that the sports association operates in accordance with legal regulations.
Separate unit registration

A branch of a sports association

The branch is an additional organizational unit that provides the possibility of expanding the activities of the sports association in terms of achieving goals in the field of sports and the best possible promotion of sports in multiple locations.
Registration of economic activity

Economic activity

By enrolling in economic activity, you get an expansion of the scope of activities of the sports association in commercial and economic areas, which can provide more ways to acquire funds and expand the organization.
Successful implementation of procedures
A high percentage of adopted applications for registration of changes from the first time guarantees you expertise, time savings and the best cost optimization.
Short execution deadlines
Once the change registration process is well organized, you can resume regular business activities within 48 hours.

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