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Citizens’ Association Formation in Serbia

Citizens’ Association formation in Serbia

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Non-profit organisation for achieving your goals

We successfully take over the process of establishing an NGO with a minimum of your engagement.

Get together and achieve the ideal goals that will improve your environment, profession or particular section of society. Through your activities and initiatives, improve some aspect of social behavior, identify problems, and influence positive social change.
The Citizens Association or NGO (non-governmental organization) is a non-profit organization where several individuals or legal entities come together to achieve goals that go beyond the capacity of the individual. In other words, the Citizens Association gives you the opportunity to work for the achievement of certain socially beneficial goals, to raise awareness of unrealized social phenomena, to educate, to nurture cultural heritage, to care for the vulnerable or discriminated against. By their legal form, citizens associations are non-profit organizations and as such are not subject to tax obligations. They can be funded by membership fees, donations or grants, all with a view to realizing the common goals the organization stands for. Through activities of a different type, the Citizens Association works to advance the areas defined in the Statute and through its bodies make and implement certain decisions. Are you interested to get the fastest way to start a Citizens association?

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Direkta offers complete support for starting, activating and developing a Citizen’s Association in Serbia

Our business support concept is designed to include everything you need to successfully set up a Citizen’s Association. We provide necessary consulting for choosing the right tax model; we create all required documents; we lead all processes according to regulations; we successfully organize all company activation and development steps in a timely manner. You can count on our rich professional experience in business consulting, transparent cost plans and effective communication throughout the process.
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Our service packs are designed to cover all aspects of starting a business in Serbia with the unique opportunity to finish everything in one place. By providing professional legal support and efficient management we shorten the procedure, saving your time, energy and money. You can focus on developing your business while we deal with all necessary administrative requirements.

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Affordable service packages for starting a business in Serbia

  • Documents Creation
  • Notary and Interpretor Fees
  • SBRA Registration Fees
  • Self-Inking Stamp
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  • Documents Creation
  • Notary and Interpretor Fees
  • SBRA Registration fees
  • Self-Inking Stamp
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Accounting Consultations
  • Tax Aplication
  • Digital certificate signature
  • Beneficial Owner Registration
  • Documents Creation
  • Notary and Interpretor Fees
  • SBRA Registration Fees
  • Self-inking Stamp
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Accounting Consultations
  • Tax Application
  • Digital certificate signature
  • Beneficial Owner Registration
  • Residence Permit Application

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Bank Account Opening and Regulation Compliance Assistance
We guarantee a full support in activation of your Citizen’s Association
Within the selected package, you can count on the support of our experienced business consultants and legal associates who will help you to open a bank account, obtain a digital signature certificate and create necessary legal documents so that your Citizen’s Association will always be compliant to all government regulations.

Our clients get access to a case status tracking system to keep up to date with the procedure

We have enabled you to follow in real time what is happening with your process of company formation in Serbia, from starting the procedure to downloading the documentation in electronic form and organizing further steps.
What is the difference between a sole proprietor and an agency?
These are terms used colloquially for the legal form of „preduzetnik (PR)“ ie. a natural person performing a particular business activity. When registering an agency or sole trader, the term agency may be added to the name, with all other items required by law as a mandatory part of the business name for sole traders.
Is it mandatory to register more than one business activity code?
According to the Act on Companies, all business entities, including soel traders, are obliged to register one predominant activity, that is, the activity that they will be most engaged in. At the same time, the Law allowed business entities to perform other activities that are not prohibited by law, regardless of whether they are registered or not.
Can an employee become a sole trader?
Absolutely. Any person who is employed may also register as a sole trader, which is registered as an additional activity.
Can PR (sole proprietor) be transferred to d.o.o (LLC)?
The Companies Act allows such a change in legal form. In this case, two proceedings are conducted at the Serbian Business Registers Agency. Firstly, closing the PR and then the procedure for establishing a company, ie. limited liability companies - d.o.o is performed.
What is the difference between lump sum tax rates and self-taxation?
In case of flat tax rate the sole trader pays a monthly amount of taxes according to the decision made by the competent tax administration. The amount is determined on the basis of several parameters, so it cannot be precisely determined before. Self-taxation is a form of controlling your salary and pay taxation on that amount. For this type of self- taxation, it is essential that you have a licensed bookkeeper who will professionally keep your books in compliance with applicable regulations.
Can the address of Sole Proprietor match the address of residence?
The sole trader form allows this possibility. It is necessary to obtain the consent of the property owner to cede the premises to perform the business activity or to make a contract of renting the space. The only requirement is that the address of sole trader must be at the teritory of Serbia.

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